Low Sex Drive

Overview and Causes

Aging, fatigue, stress, depression, medications, and bad relationships are all factors that can contribute to lagging libido. If you have lost the desire, drive, and passion for healthy intimacy, uncover the reason and take action. There are treatments for nearly every cause…Read more

Causes & Symptoms :

Inca Libido Formula

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Maca and Catuaba are the key ingredients of the Inca Libido Formula that help boost your sexual desires. If you noticed your sex drive has decreased because of age, weight or a hormonal imbalance,... ( 5 ) comments
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When Life gets in the Way: A Passionate Marriage is Hard to Hold Unless Both Partners Pay Their Dues

The first few years of their marriage, Tawny and Ryan each blazed with passion. The looks they shared sent shivers down her spine, their kisses put butterflies in her stomach. “We were always desperate for the other’s touch,” she says. “Sometimes we couldn’t even get into the bedroom before we started tearing our clothes off.”
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Ignorance is NOT Bliss: When Opting for Anal Pleasure, Do Your Homework First to get It Right

Sex toys come in all varieties for all tastes. From glass dildos and latex sleeves to flavored lubricants and bedroom swings, toys transform the body into a pleasure wonderland. But don’t think toys are intended merely for traditional sex. Instruments of eroticism range from mild to kinky and, as such, can even be used for backdoor action.
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Where To Kiss To Turn Her On...?

Scientists have done various test and found 3 spots that can turn most women ON. There are the areas of the female for the effect of  light touch, pressure and vibration. For light touch, the neck was most sensitive, for pressure the clitoris and nipple were most sensitive. Now go try them out!
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Sexual Exhaustion & Sex Addiction

Bothersome Birth Control

She used to enjoy sexual intercourse. Now, she almost fears it because of the lack of pleasure she experiences. She is also having problems with white discharge. Is this due to... more

One and Done

Female uses a vibrator once per month and experiences between twenty-five to fifty orgasms at a time. However, she cannot orgasm during oral sex or sexual intercourse. She has a... more

Overwhelmed with Worry and Mood Swings: When Expecting a Baby Ruins Sex Drive

Now that she’s pregnant, she’s experiencing mood swings and a loss of libido that forces her to make excuses to her husband. She enjoys sex but is afraid it will harm their unborn... more
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