Foreskin Restoration


For most men, their circumcised state is the only thing they've ever known. Since most men are circumcised right after birth, they never know what it's like to be uncircumcised.  But modern research has shown that circumcision can rob a man of certain benefits, such as...Read more

Foreskin Restoration By Manual Stretching

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Learn how to naturally stretch your foreskin to its original state. ( 5 ) comments
Natural Solutions For Foreskin Restoration
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Non-Surgical Device For Foreskin Restoration
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Penile Numbness: A Discussion And Possible Solutions

Circumcision remains a common practice in many parts of the world. But few consider it genital mutilation. Instead, clitoral and labial removal creates sordid responses.  
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Five Reasons Why You Should Not Be Circumcised

Being an active athlete in high school and college, I was forced to shower next to other naked men. And when you get a group of naked men in a shower area, some will goof off, some will “walk tall,” and some men will hide their dignity to the rest. Ricky was one of those males who “walked tall” in the shower. He would show off his “manhood” to everyone—whether the person wanted to see it or not.
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The Pros and Cons of Being Circumcised

To some men it might be a look thing and to others it might be more pleasurable. Although getting circumcised is a big debate whether it may be healthy to just stay uncircumcised or getting circumcised, it is almost always up to the parents of the newborn baby to make the decision.
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Can Being Too Tightly Circumcised Stunt Penis Growth Techniques?

Despite results from Penis Ballooning, the circumcised penis has damaged nerves that prevent further enlargement.

The Secret to Un-Circumcising

The foreskin is responsible for a great deal of sexual sensitivity, but if you're circumcised or otherwise looking to expand your foreskin, you do have options for restoration.... more

Dude, Where’s My Hat? – Circumcision and Foreskin Restoration

This case study involves a gentleman who is pleased with one of our natural solutions to a previous issue, but now wants to increase his penile sensitivity by restoring his... more
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