Foreskin Clusters

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Foreskin Clusters

I'm 18 and a virgin, I have been experiencing foreskin clusters and I have had these for years so I know it's not a fungal infection or something like this doctor told me 2 years ago. I think they're fordyce spots but could be PPP, not too sure.

These are out of my sight but I know they are there. to me and I'm scared of getting involved with someone because they will see them and say something. Would any of you refuse to go down on someone with these? I am scared I will never have a sexual interaction with another guy. My doctor said they aren't a fungal infection so what can it be? What can I do to get rid of them?

Menstrual cups
From personal experience with this kind of stuff I really suggest you start using menstrual cups. They really help clean the vagina and it should help from further similar problems.
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