I don't get horny

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I don't get horny
I am so so in love with my partner, the father of my baby. We are soul mates. We have never had a raised voice argument. Our only problem is my low sex drive. I would rather have an early night. When we do have sex I usually ruin the mood by complaining I'm cold(always am) we make it hot but I still feel the cold when naked and I just can't relax enough. Or I just get irritated when he's touching me because I'm cold and tired.sometimes I can even be in the mood and the least little thing makes me literally clench up. I feel so bad for making him feel like I'm not interested. Anybody else ever feel this? Any idea to help? Tia

i dnt feel it is, but is it worth going to my doctor? i mean are doctors there for this sort of thing???
Tia, Read through the forums
Read through the forums and you’ll find plenty of sexually uninterested women—and men. Sex, as with most bodily desires, is powered by your hormones. When hormones are absent, sex drive tends to be too. Women who just gave birth tend to lack any sexual desire—mostly because of the imbalance in hormones. During a menstrual period, a woman too remains devoid of sexual desires—also thanks to an imbalance of hormones. See the trend here? Your hormones—or lack thereof—influence your desires.
You mention the cold may be a factor in your lack of desire. No matter how cold, hot, snowy, or rainy it is when you want sex, no whether factor will keep your from it. It’s the animalistic instinct in men and women. The cold has nothing to do with “killing the mood.” It’s mostly hormonal and mental. For more on the importance of hormones and causes of low sex drive, click here.

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I used to have a really
I used to have a really serious problem with my sex drive. Men are animals when it comes to sex and demand it all the time. I luckily found the best herb that has helped me be able to boost my sex drive once again, Auklandia Radix. I highly suggest you try it. It'll boost your immensely.
I think Emma’s post is rather
I think Emma’s post is rather offensive and I think that it paints men in a rather strange and negative light. There could be an underlying problem that might prevent you from wanting to be intimate with your partner. I hope that you will try getting your hormones up the natural way, hopefully it’ll get your sex drive back.
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You'd be surprised. It may
You'd be surprised. It may sound offensive but that's just her opinion. I believe that happens because I have friends that rave about things like that. There are people like that out there and if they don't have anywhere near that level of sex drive than it is best to look up the natural way to get the hormones up. 
I do not think that anyone is
I do not think that anyone is suggesting that you should not attempt to get your relationship to where you want it, but to suggest that people (across the board) are animals is pretty offensive. As a man I do take offense to such a shallow, rather stupid comment.


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