Best Exercises to Perform After Cosmetic Surgery

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Best Exercises to Perform After Cosmetic Surgery

The painful process of the surgery is now over and it’s time for the recovery period. However much change has taken place, it will take time to get back to full strength. However, recovering from the surgery isn’t just all about kicking back and relaxing, in fact you can help it in the opposite way. Being active during your recovery can be important but just be sure that’s it’s not too intense and your body isn’t stressed whilst it’s going through it’s changes.

To help you out we’ve provided a little guide of the exercises you can do after going through the procedure of cosmetic surgery.

Firstly, although we’ve said that being active after surgery is a good thing, it’s best to not to do it so suddenly. It’s recommended that around 48 hours should be taken where no physical activity takes place as your body will still feel raw. During this time period, you’re more than welcome to kick back and relax.

During the first few weeks of the surgery it’s good to start increasing your physical activity, with a gradual increase in the amount of activities being performed. This may not be the case for everyone however. Some people may take longer to fully recover from the surgery depending on the type of surgery performed and the amount done. If you’re still quite worried about doing physical activity so soon after the surgery, you can always start with light activities such as casual walks so it doesn’t cause too much pain.

There are different types of surgery that can be performed and each will come with alternative ways to exercise. Once fully recovered we’ve highlighted a few ways you can exercise after some surgeries.

Liposuction Surgery Exercises

As mentioned it’s important to not strain the body so early after surgery, especially within the first few weeks. For liposuction, it can be dependant on the amount of liposuction performed that determines your routine. Normally, it’s recommended that light cardio after a couple of weeks can be performed and this can be things like cross-trainers or gentle walking.

Resistance training can also be helpful as it helps to keep the skin tight and provides a solution to the excess skin that might have been caused from the liposuction. Exercises such as planks and arm raises will be helpful for this. If at any time during exercising you feel swelling has occurred, it will be a good indication that you’ll need to take it easier.

Breast Lift Surgery Exercises

Also known as mastopexy, breast lift surgery can be quite delicate in the upper body. The tissue around the area will require time to recover which is why lower body exercises are recommended. Running would be one exercise that is probably avoided for a period of time to reduce the stress on the breasts area though.

For lower body exercises, you can perform lunges, squats and leg raises which are a few examples. Basically, any exercise that requires a bouncing motion should be avoided after the surgery for about 4 weeks.

We’ve spoken about a couple of surgeries but there are obviously many more that will affect how you exercise. The overall conclusion is that after surgery, you should give yourself time to get back into a routine, starting slow and gradually working towards the regime you had before the surgery. Consultations are always available for times when you’re unsure so make the most of the help you can get to make sure it’s an easy road to recovery.

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