Weeding Out Your Prostate Problems: Marijuana Detox After 3 Years of Abuse

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Prostate Enlargement Causes: marijuana Symptoms: lower back pain Age: 18 - 35

Here we have a man who used to smoke pot but stopped. Then he recently started up again and he experienced some ill side-effects. He has stopped again (hopefully for good) but how can he overcome the issues that marijuana has since caused?

Case #: 


I have been off of marijuana for 3 years now. About a week and a half ago, I started smoking pot again. I have stopped again, but now I'm getting an extreme shortness of breath. I'm also getting pains in the chest.


The Fire Chief covered his face with his fireproof glove, shielding it from the scorching inferno which burned before him and his men. They’d responded to the four-alarm fire of a warehouse which had recently been used to store hazardous chemicals. As he donned his chemical mask he looked at his brave firemen who were valiantly struggling to quell the flames which licked at them like yellow and orange serpents.
Taking Aim
He hoisted his fire hose at a particularly fiery section within the warehouse which contained a large oblong canister. By looking at the containers hazard markers, the Fire Chief quickly surmised that its contents were highly explosive and so he concentrated his hose’s special anti-chemical mixture onto it.
Suddenly, he noticed that a couple of his men had gotten a little too brave and were now approaching the extreme danger area around the hazardous container. He frantically tried to hail them on their shared communications system, but for some reason they didn’t seem to hear him. The Fire Chief then dropped his hose and started moving as fast as his heavy booted feet could carry him; but it was too late.

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When Things Go Wrong
As he ran in what seemed like slow motion, the canister ignited and exploded in a large orange fireball…the last thing the Fire Chief saw as he was flattened by the blast wave was his men being engulfed in fiery death.
While this metaphor may seem a tad dramatic, very similar and drastic things can happen within your body as a result of smoking marijuana. Simply put, the hazardous toxins contained in pot can cause a spike in prostaglandin E-2 levels, which in turn can inflame your body and also cause discomfort and swelling of your prostate. It can also constrict your arteries and cause blood to be prevented from engorging your penis upon arousal and eventually lead to impotence.
Let’s Try That Again!
Taking an all-natural botanical mixture can help to not only alleviate the inflammatory build-up of prostaglandin E-2, but they can also rebalance your depleted nitric oxide and acetylcholine levels (due to pot smoking). (SEE: Marijuana Detoxification for Proper Erections)
This can not only result in restoring proper blood flow to your genitals (and brain), but it can reduce prostate swelling and pain, as well as restoring your blood/brain barrier, which has probably been eroded from marijuana usage.
Flame - Off
These favorable factors can lead you to successfully putting out the fire in your warehouse where the Fire Chief failed, and saving yourself a ton of grief and misery (impotence). So take action and fill your fire hose with a potent formula that will snuff those flames out for good!

What to do

Cannabis Detoxification for Poor Erection Recovery

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