The Big “O”: 3 Tips To Make Her Reach It

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All is fair in love and war--but making love is not always fair. Lovemaking isn’t a competition--one side does not need to achieve some tangible goal. Instead, lovemaking provides the experience of a fun and pleasurable time where two individuals can expand their ecstatic euphoria and animalistic desires.
Getting Her to O…O…Orgasm
Lovemaking requires considerable effort from both you and your partner. The more effort you dedicate to the practice, the more enjoyable the act becomes. Start by setting the mood. The more comfortable she is, the better her chances to orgasm. Go above and beyond what you normally do to prepare for sex. Get rose petals and candles. Buy a bottle of champagne. Play her favorite songs. Or cook her a romantic dinner. 
Romantic gestures excite women—both sexually and emotionally. For women, the emotional aspect creates comfort, elation and most importantly—pleasure. The pleasure you create from small acts of love and kindness will put her in a better position to orgasm. 
Preventing Your Early Release
Your brain receives high levels of adrenaline and endorphins during sex, along with dopamine and serotonin. Meanwhile, your nervous system sends stimulation to the penis. For example, serotonin will create the pleasure, and dopamine will provide the happiness associated with sex. Your penis too will release precum to lubricate and stimulate the penile gland. When the gland experiences heightened sensitivity, you will orgasm. 
To prevent a premature ejaculation, you will have to minimize the release of precum and mentally fortify your mind to stop an early explosion. If you’re nervous, you will perform poorly. If you’re scared, you too will have a mediocre performance. If your ejaculatory valve releases too much precum too soon, you will orgasm.
Calm your body and ease your woes using a breathing technique or natural remedies such as Nourishing Pills. The Taoist Technique, like many deep breathing and meditative methods, eliminates worry and fear. Combing natural remedy with breeathing technique will strengthen your parasympathetic nerves, which control the opening and closing of the ejaculatory valve. By strengthen the valve, men can minimize the release of precum to stop an early ejaculation.

What to do

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