erection problem!

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erection problem!
I got married 4 years ago and we were leading a happy life. Angela is such a cute girl and it was a 'love at first sight'. I was 23 and she was 21 at that time and we have taken an immature decision to have kids after 4 years. I had a good sex drive during that time and we enjoyed all the nights.
She got a chance to work in Australia 2 years back and she was not ready to miss that opportunity as it was a long-term dream for her to work there. We have been staying apart for the past 2 years. I was not able to control my physical needs when she was not around and I used to watch porns.
Another thing is that I get sexually excited while thinking myself as a lady! I know it sounds odd, but it happens. I researched regarding this and found this condition's name as 'Autogynephilia'. I usually think myself as a girl during the nights and end up the thought with masturbation. It happened almost all the nights within the past 2 years.
She returned in the last week and that night was totally strange! I couldn't maintain a proper erection and I couldn't make her happy. I don't know why this happens! We have tried many times and I felt ashamed of myself.
Is my 'Autogynephilia' problem causing this? What should I do? My wife asked me to seek medical advice and one of my friends suggested me a men's clinic in Toronto ( ) and I am planning to contact them.
Please share your thoughts.
RE: Happens

Erection problem are bound to happen and "over masturbation" is one of the reasons. If you masturbate on regualr basis then you will not gain proper erection. Regarding  Autogynephilia counselling is the solution which I think is suitable. For erection you may take penegra. Still as you said you will be visitng toronto soon for treatment, my best wishes with you

This is a psychological
This is a psychological problem. You may find certain things about the fore play more exciting than the other things. That's why your erections come and go. As well, you may be focused on performing and forget about what's going on.

The Do's and Don'ts of Premature Ejaculation -

Thanks For Sharing your story
Thanks For Sharing your story.
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