The Comfort Zone of Sex

Sex is like the seasons: Each month brings changes to the weather, but every year, the seasons follow the same pattern. While the months may bring new changes to your sexual experience, the years will turn your sexual escapades into a routine.
A routine sex life is a boring sex life. It lacks variety, and it does not carry with it the vibrant and excitement that a new sex life will create. Sex, like in life, demands that you move out of your comfort zone.
You Feel Satisfied, But Don’t
Human nature will encourage individuals to do what they feel familiar with. Sex follows the same trend. Individuals tend to perform the same moves, on the same days of the week, on the exactly same hours of the day. Why? Because kids, stress and work leave people tired, worried and unwilling for sex. After a while, you fall into the same pattern and find yourself satisfied. The satisfaction you experience with sex keeps in a state of comfort and familiarity, a mindset that prevents growth, change--and most importantly—excitement.
How to Step Out of Your Sexual Comfort Zone
Plan a Vacation: Yes, something as simple as a vacation can add variety to your sex life. Vacations encourage you to have sex outside of your traditional setting and instead inject some excitement into your lovemaking routine.
Try New Sex Positions: Age causes standard positions to grow stale, and with the lack of variety comes a routine that becomes stale. Adding a new position or two can revitalize your dull sex life.
Come to an Agreement: Sometimes sex grows stale because both individuals cannot agree. Partnerships that agree to decisions know how a united front can improve sex. Whether your terms include a number of times you engage in sex or various new positions, come to some understanding.
As you start to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll notice an improvement in your sex life. You’ll find yourself happier and more fulfilled. 

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