Can I take Viagra at 19?

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Can I take Viagra at 19?
I am only 19 years old and do not have a lot of experience with sex. Since I do not have a lot of experience I do not last long before I ejaculate. There is a girls that I have my eye on and would love to go out with. She has however had more experience than me and I am scared that I will make a fool of my self. Should I take viagra so I can last longer?
I would not suggest messing
I would not suggest messing with stuff like that at such an early age. Maybe you should try some herbal supplements that will not bring the same side effects as viagra and such things. My friend has been having a similar problem and I told him to try something from the line of Rejuven. He said that Rejuven Calm helped him out because it not only helped with premature ejaculation, but it also helped calm his nerves so he would be able to perform a lot better. Give something like that a try.
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I wouldn't try viagra. Go
I wouldn't try viagra. Go with an herbal supplement. You don't want to take any risks.
If you are still looking for
If you are still looking for suggestions, do not take viagra. Go with the natural ways. I am taking tribulus and it is the best stuff ever.
Wait a minute
Before you decide to go and take that nasty blue pill or any other enhancements check with your doctor. He will probably direct you to the blue pill but I would ask him about the herbal supplements as an alternative. Regardless of what you choose, check with your doctor first.
It seem very wrong that teen needs viagra, by taking viagra than you should grip on yourself. Better you have lady friend to get grip on you. Surely saying you don't need viagra and don't try to enhance perfomace with it there are really some side effects..
Can i take Viagra at 19 ?
A person should be minimum 20 years old before he can start taking Viagra. Younger men below 20 years of age actually have minor erectile dysfunction in which case Viagra is not usually necessary.
You should not take Viagra
You should not take Viagra and any other enhancement pills in an early age but if you want to take these medicines then firstly you should consult with your doctor.
I agree, we need the help of
I agree, we need the help of a specialist, and then You do a lot of things to do not correctly have Viagra a large number of side effects, but they are not large, but still. Buy Viagra ( at the pharmacy now is not a problem, so go to the doctor and only then draw conclusions
Yes, it can be taked, but
Yes, it can be taken, but only after doctor's advice
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