Low DHT FSH LH, recovering from depression and burnout

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Low DHT FSH LH, recovering from depression and burnout
hi everyone,
i am 27. had a difficult time growing up and several challenges in my life brought me to depression and beeing mentally and physically burnt out when i was 20. (asthma and other conditions from early childhood, a very tough job later, and taking care of unfortunate people and having nobody around to help me ate all my energy) back in that time i had really no sex drive at all and all symptoms of high stress hormones for years, swollen round face, tired all the time, pale white face, dark shadows under the eyes, severe depression and and and...

i have been able to make some adjustments to my life and its going pretty good for a fews years now, so i am on a good way to recovery! i am working out, getting enough sleep and rest, have good friends and all. very happy about that :)

sexually i experienced a big improvement in the last years and i went from beeing practically impotent to the other end of too much masturbation and now i am going back and forth between weeks where i feel not sexually aroused at all to days where i masturbate 2 or 3 times. i realize i have to stop thinking about it too much and stop masturbating. done that.

i had my hormones checked and it showes my T is in the lower medium range, and my FSH and LH hormones are down on the edge of beeing below healthy.

the thing is i am afraid that some ingredients in the products will lower my DHT levels, which are clearly too low already. plants like nettle root, epimedium and others inhibit 5a-reductase, and therefore DHT. i have very little facial hair and am missing agression and want to gain strenght and power and become a healthy strong man.

for the low FSH and LH hormones, my research says that the testes are not stimulated enough by the brain (hypothalamus ?) is that correct? what herbs could help with that??

please help me choose the right product for me, that boosts my energy without lowering DHT if possible and kickstarting my brains for becoming a man!!!!!

thanks anyone for reading and helping out!!!!!!
Your case is very interesting
Your case is very interesting. After reading your post a few times over I found what I think are your main problems. You said you didn't want to lower your DHT levels because they are already low, well it's time to raise that and you might be able to see and increase in your facial hair and testosterone as well. It is best to be in the normal range of the testosterone scale instead of the under or over side. You mentioned energy boost too so I think I have the right thing that might regulate all 3 of those main chemicals needed for your body..

Rejuven Recovery System might be the best bet to help with energy increase and correction of your DHT levels. In order to increase your testosterone and get it leveled at the normal level, you might also want to try Jurassic Male Magic. This will regulate your testosterone levels.

You also mentioned that you didn't want to take certain herbs because you were afraid of them lowering your DHT levels, FSH and LH hormones...you don't have to worry about these herbal formulas messing with anything because these are specially formulated to work together. If they are known to lower those levels, I am sure they contain different herbs to help balance and even boost the specific hormones. You should be fine using those two.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
thanks for the quick answer,
thanks for the quick answer, i will try and give it a shot at using the supps you are recommending. i also postet in the other forum for low sex drive and i got the comment of stopping masturbation. and iam definitely aware of how that changes my energy levels. going a few days without it helps alot. its just very hard sometimes to keep it that way. it comes up when i feel irritated and unsure of certain things or having a hard time to make certain decisions, it takes away tension and helps to relax. but thats the essence of beeing addicted to anything right?
The essence of being addicted
The essence of being addicted to something does bring pleasure and relaxation. Exactly how you said it. I am glad you are going to start using these herbs. They will help you when recovering. I just took a peek at the other forum before replaying to this and I saw that. That's the same advice I keep telling everyone. Stop masturbating cold turkey. If you can't do that then lower the frequency of masturbation until you get to the point where you no longer need it. And like he also mentioned. I always tell everyone, STAY POSITIVE. You can't do anything with the mentality of telling yourself I can't do this, you can only do it if you say I CAN. These herbs should help ease the mind as well and hopefully increase your I CAN power. Keep your mind off masturbation. I just talked to another user who says he picked up a hobby of building things and that has been helping him out, do the same.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
I'm in Nigeria, pls how can I
I'm in Nigeria, pls how can I get this medicine.


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