Why can't I orgasm during sex anymore?

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Why can't I orgasm during sex anymore?
I have been masturbating since I was about the age of 10. I have always orgasmed and now that I try to have sex I can't orgasm. My partner has tried to make me orgasm through oral and it still doesn't work. Why can I only make myself orgasm?
I think it might be one of these.
It sounds to me like you are either experiencing long brought on problems from Clitoral Insensitivity or G-Spot Insensitivity. These two are very big factors in what causes an orgasm. Without any feeling to those then you are basically out of luck and won't be able to orgasm.
You're advice is great for
You're advice is great for the most part. But gabriella, if you want to help out those 2 factors then you should look at these solutions. They tell you everything you need to do and I know it will help you. A woman without an orgasm is like a person eating the best tasting food without taste buds. Do something about it. If you want to help restore your clitoral sensation then look into Natural Clitoral Revitalization – Revive the Sensitivity & Passion. Now if you feel like that isn't the problem there is one for the G-spot as well because that is a big nerve that helps in achieving an orgasm, G-Spot Rejuvenation & Nerve Repair. I hope my information helped you. Us women have to stay strong and healthy.
Consult doctor
I think it seems like you have severe problem, so you should consult the doctor about that.
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