Vasectomy offers a permanent birth control method for men. During a vasectomy, the vasa deferentia is severed, tied, and sealed to prevent any sperm from exiting. While most men live sexually active lifestyles after a vasectomy, some do experience a number of side effects, including:
Men suffering from any one of these above-mentioned symptoms may want to research how all-natural herbs and supplements can reduce vasectomy-related symptoms. 

Male Orgasm Dysfunction - Caused by Testicular Injury

An injury to the testicles is among the most painful of all. Such an injury carries with it a number of unpleasant side effects such as vomiting and an upset stomach. Typically,... more

Premature Ejaculation - Caused by a Vasectomy

No medical procedure is without risk. A vasectomy can affect a small percentage of men both psychologically and physiologically resulting in sexual dysfunction such as painful... more

Impotence - Caused by Vasectomy

Every surgery comes with its added risks. From simple cataracts surgery to open-heart surgery, patients continue to combat the added side effects and complications of surgical... more

Stop Premature Ejaculation & Relieve Prostate Pain After a Vasectomy

Thousands of men get vasectomies every year. This fairly simple outpatient procedure has a very high success rate at preventing pregnancy. While the vast majority of vasectomies are problem-free, a small percentage of men, like Bill Barkerson of Akron, Ohio, have experienced side effects that can inhibit sexual performance.
Why Prostate Pain Occurs After a Vasectomy
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Vasectomy Impotence - Worsen Throughout Time

We've probably all seen the humorous side of a vasectomy portrayed on one of our favorite television shows at some point. The wife keeps changing her mind on whether she wants to be a mom again and the husband suffers through various surgeries to reverse or receive permanent conception prevention. But, is this surgery really a laughing matter? 
The Painful Truth
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Vasectomy Danger, Side Effects, & Natural Recovery

Improve your testosterone imbalance, minimize your premature ejaculation, reduce your prostate inflammation and witness an improved erectile strength.
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Their Marriage Is Hanging By a Thread After His Vasectomy Has Him Stuck Without Erections, and Her Without Sex!

He’s had a vasectomy, but now he’s lost his erections. They don’t have to worry about kids, because he can’t even get hard! His wife had no idea this could happen, and feels... more

Good Bye Sperm, Sexual Desire and Marriage: A Vasectomy is to Blame for His Lost Libido and Angry Wife

He had a vasectomy in his late 20s because he and his wife wanted no more children. But his act of responsibility may have put his marriage on the brink of disaster. His wife is... more

Has Your Vasectomy Caused You to Have a Limp Noodle Downstairs? Fight Back with All-Natural herbal Power

Am who has “tied his tubes” is happy about the fact that he can’t get anybody pregnant, but is now increasingly sad about the fact that his erections are becoming less firm. How... more
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