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Most men remain unaware they carry unhealthy sperm. While only lab tests can verify unhealthy sperm, men often suffer years without knowing why they cannot procreate. Unhealthy sperm, compared to healthy ones, may lack proper mobility, may not contain enough alkaline solution from the prostate to survive the vagina, or may lack the proper nutrients. If you have trouble procreating, you may want to read how herbal supplements, lifestyle changes, and herbs can help improve your semen’s health.

Male Infertility - Caused by Unhealthy Sperm

One of the most obvious yet overlooked causes of male infertility is quite simple - unhealthy sperm. You can’t exactly send your sperm to the gym or put them on a get-fit-quick... more

Male Infertility - Caused by Poor Sperm Mobility

Another possible cause of male infertility is the inability of sperm to move and swim freely. This is known as poor sperm “mobility” or “motility.” When a sperms’ speed and... more

Smoking Marijuana Impairs Male Fertility

Marijuana and infertility—seems like an odd pair. But according to an article published by the BBC, marijuana use can lead to male infertility and poor sperm health, causing sperm to move at an abnormal rate and die before reaching an egg for fertilization.

Just imagine each puff of weed, every ounce of the cannabis may take you closer to infertility. And while the substance remains popular among certain segments of the population, the plant may lead to an insidious side effect among males. 
Why is Weed so Dangerous?
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You Probably Can't Talk With Your Friends About Male Infertility - But You Can Beat It

Becoming a parent is one of the most joyful accomplishments a person can do. The thought of having a little one, two, or three of your own is a great thing to look forward to in life. Becoming pregnant can often be tougher than most think. Even more so, when we as men discover we have a potency issue. Along with the aggregation of trying and trying with no avail, there is a sense of emasculation that comes with the inability to reproduce.
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Pain & Injury

Testicular Rejuvenation & Wellness Formula

There are many potential causes for testicular damage and shrinkage, such as Orchitis (inflammation of the testicles), Varicocele (enlargement of veins in the scrotum), or testicular cancer.
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Head Start and Move Fast Sperm Mobility Herbal Treatment

Maybe helpful for: Men's Male Infertility Causes: unhealthy sperm
Improve your sperm's mobility to increase your fertility chances.
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