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You are what you eat, and your sexual appetite and livelihood depend on what you feed it. Poor diet can lead to not only an unhealthy body, but poor sexual satisfaction and sex-related issues as well. An unhealthy diet can cause women to experience irregular menstrual cycles, intense P.M.S symptoms, infertility, frequent vaginal discharge, and even UTIs. For men, an unhealthy diet can lead to low libido, erection problems, infertility, low sperm count, and even hypertension that can cause impotence.

Penis Shrinkage - Caused by Weight Gain

You are what you eat; your sex life is what you feed it. Believe it or not, diet, exercise and even lifestyle choices—smoking and drinking--determine how voracious you are in the... more

Impotence - Caused by Aging Arteries

Progressive atherosclerosis can develop with no signs of cardiovascular disease. As you age so too do your arteries. When arteries become old, they turn inelastic, ... more

Impotence - Caused by Unhealthy Diet

In the early ‘90s, the term “You are what you eat” was coined. In the post-golden age of the fitness boom, the term actuated better health choices among Americans. The saying... more

Prostate Health Linked to Pumpkin Seeds

Zinc, iron, protein and magnesium are all collated together into the tiny seeds from pumpkins. Marketed and sold as a snack, Pumpkin Seeds offer more than just an appeasing afternoon pick-me-up. Pumpkin Seeds are linked to helping improve prostate health, quell arthritis pain, and alleviate high cholesterol. This tiny, easy-to-carry snack manages to do so much more than just keep hunger pains away.
Over 50 and Prostate Pain
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Poor Diet Leads To Poor Erection & Unhealthy Penis

Diet and exercise affect every part of the body, include the penis. The penis, like any other part of the body, requires good nutrition and exercise to say in shape. Exercise keeps the penile muscle and tissue healthy, and a good diet supplies nutrients to the penis to ensure a firm erection.

Many men who have a diet high in saturated fats and preservatives may not be providing their penises with the nutrients needed, and like the rest of the body, their penises will be out of shape.
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Foods to Help Male Fertility

Men with fertility problems often lack Vitamin B complexes. Foods rich in folic acid tend to have high levels of Vitamin B, which can help men combat infertility. Foods including oysters and crab can help produce healthy seman, while sunlight, vitamins, and nutrients from herbs can promote health, strong sperm cells.
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Anti Aging Herbal Remedies For Arteries & Erection Problems

Maybe helpful for: Men's Impotence Causes: unhealthy diet aging arteries
The effects from synergy of the herbs in this formula contribute to increase blood flow to the genitalia region, increase the release of nitric oxide, enhance erection quality, protect aging arteries, and reverse the aging process of arteries in the genital areas.
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Growing Waistline, Shrinking Penis

Food is awesome, but too much of it won't just make you fat. It can also shrink your penis. Shocked? Learn the facts, and find out the connection.

I Notice My Acne Flare Up After Eating Junk Food & Masturbation

Here is a case involving a young man who has been engaging in a little too much self sex-time and is now suffering from acne breakouts. How does he get back to having clear skin?
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