tubal ligation

Tubal Ligation, known as “tubes tied,” is a surgical procedure women may get to prevent future pregnancy. While the procedure does offer its advantages, tubal ligation can also lead to heavy menstrual flow and low sex drive. Because the fallopian tubes become tied, a woman can experience nerve disruption to the ovaries, which can reduce the production of oxytocin. Because the sex hormone production becomes disrupted, the body releases excessive inflammatory hormones that lead to heavy flow and low sex drive. For more on how tubal ligation can affect your menstrual flow and sex drive, visit our other sections.

Low Sex Drive - Caused by Heavy Menstrual Flow

Bleeding that lasts longer than seven days or soaks through a tampon or pad every hour is considered heavy and can be a result of: Miscarriage Hormonal imbalance caused by... more

Don't Go with the Flow - Learn to end heavy periods and their heavy effect on libido

Of course, heavy menstrual flow (a condition known as menorrhagia) will inhibit a woman’s sex drive. Is there is anything more unsightly or uncomfortable? You go through an endless succession of pads with no relief in sight, while the last thing on your mind is engaging in sexual intercourse. Read more

Female Restorex Plus Formula

Female Restorex Plus formula is composed of many essential herbs that help women recover and find relief from suffering associated with hormonal imbalances, sexual dysfunctions and various symptoms of hysterectomy, tipped uterus, vaginal and cervical damages by childbirth, or tubal ligation.
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My Orgasm Has Disappeared

Learn how this soon-to-be-wed woman has lost her orgasm, and what made it go away in the first place.

Strings Attached

Tubal ligation has resulted in huge decrease in libido, as well as issues with clitoral engorgement. She feels no arousal at all. What can she do to solve this problem?

Tubal Ligation: Know the Risks that Doctors May Not Tell You

A woman who underwent tubal ligation surgery suddenly suffers from severe menstrual irregularities and painful PMS symptoms.
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