testosterone imbalance

As the prime sex hormone for men, males require testosterone to power their erections and sex drive. Once testosterone levels dip, often due to excessive masturbation or age, males can start to feel moody, depressed, and exhibit low sex drive. A testosterone imbalance due to age is natural, and can often men the end of sexual desires. For men looking to regain their desires back, all-natural supplements and herbs exist. Read on to find out what herbs and supplements can help.

Premature Ejaculation With Low Sex Drive

Putting the Men in Menopause Male Menopause (also known as Andropause, Climacteric, Male Climacteric Syndrome, or Viropause) is a relatively new term. For many years, it was very... more

Sex, Lies, and Impotence - Tiredness Is No Excuse

B ehind every inch of hair growth and underneath every muscle spasm is a chemical reaction. These microscopic reactions act as the driving forces behind muscle recovery and hair... more

Reach for that All-Natural Turbo Fuel Shilajit When You Want to Turn That Fizzle into Some Sizzle

I remember back in the day when I knew a guy named Toby who used to grill all of the time. Now when I say “all of the time,” I’m not talking like once a week – I’m talking 4 to 5 times per week. Once he even grilled every day for several weeks (he was in some sort of bar-b-que frenzy).
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Inhibited Ejaculation - When male orgasm is elusive

There is a sexual disorder that is not often addressed due to its uncommon nature. It’s called “inhibited ejaculation”. The disorder may basically be defined as the difficulty or inability of a male to achieve orgasm during intercourse, regardless of how long he engages in it. Read more

Acne Herbal Treatment & Outbreak Control

Maybe helpful for: Men's Over Masturbation Causes: testosterone imbalance
Get rid of those nasty acne breakouts!
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Herbal Tincture For Premature Ejaculation

If you're tired of premature ejaculations, its time to take control of your damaged hormonal balance.
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Defending Your Kingdom of Manliness – Countering Premature Ejaculation Dysfunction with an All-Natural Healing Shield

A man in his early 30s is in a sexual slump; he can’t hold back his semen. Now, perspective sex partners are running for the hills. What can he do to rectify this situation?

She’s Hornier Than He Is! His Sexual Midlife Crisis is Driving Her Away

He’s hit middle age, and his sexual desire has completely dropped off. He doesn’t initiate sex with his wife any more, and she’s not happy about it. He doesn’t see it as a problem... more

When Your Penis Doesn’t Respond to Your Wishes – Reach for All-Natural Boner Botanicals That Will Have Your Member Standing at Attention Every Time

This gentleman has been living the life – having sex all the time and also enjoying himself with a lot of self-stroking sessions. All of a sudden however, his penis began drooping... more
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