Most men and women enjoy a cigarette to calm their mind and body. Nicotine helps control their anger or inhibit their irritability, but nicotine can cause sexual dysfunction due to the toxins found in cigarettes. Because tobacco deposits chemicals in the arteries, these toxins block the blood circulation to the penis, resulting in weak erections, impotence, and erectile dysfunction. Men who wish to detoxify their bodies from the dangerous chemicals caused by smoking may want to take all-natural herbs. 

Impotence - Caused by Smoking

In an anti-smoking ad, scientists stipulated that adults knew the dangers of smoking but hardly would quit. But how would adults feel about children who smoked? In a commerical... more

Another Reason to Put Down the Cigarette: Nicotine Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Otherwise Healthy Men

Noah has lived a simple life. He went to college after high school and graduated with a degree in economics. His job pays well and allows him to travel. Now divorced, he enjoys a busy social life. “I feel like my life is on track,” he says.
“Except for my erectile dysfunction.”
Up in Smoke
Up to Noah’s fortieth birthday, his penis worked fine. “My marriage taught me how to bring a woman to orgasm,” he says. “I learned to hone my technique and control myself to come more slowly. I loved sex.”
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Puff, Puff, Pass Up Your Erections: What Smoking is Doing to Your Sex Life

When we’re enjoying a delicious, juicy, cheese-encrusted burger, who among us likes to be reminded of all the calories and growth hormones we’re ingesting? And when we’re out having a good time on the town, who welcomes the prediction of a sore head the next day? I’m going to go out on a limb and say no one. The same applies to smoking. It’s impossible that there is a person alive today who doesn’t know the health dangers of tobacco. And yet, we continue to indulge, and surely don’t thank the person who reminds us of its menace.
What’s This All About?
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Bad Habits

Natural Solutions For Smoking & Impotence

Maybe helpful for: Men's Impotence Youth Impotence Causes: smoking
Dump tobacco and keep your sex life. Smoking is the leading cause for Youth Impotence especially for those that start smoking at a younger age. If you were addicted to smoking cigarette, quit NOW. Smoking cigarette can cause lung cancer and heart disease
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Is Smoking the Smoking Gun in This Case of Relationship Strife Due to His Weak Erections?

Her boyfriend won’t listen when she accuses smoking of being the root of his erection issues. He smokes tobacco products regularly, and can’t seem to maintain a very hard erection... more

Smoking Is Killing My Relationship and Penis

Learn about the other ways smoking can harm your life in the future...

Give It Up to Get it Up: How Nicotine is Destroying His Penis

He’s hit middle age and has begun noticing issues with his penis. He’s a long-time smoker, and now he’s having trouble getting hard, plus, it looks like his penis is shrinking. Is... more
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