progesterone imbalance

Proestrogen, a naturally occurring steroid hormone, helps with the female menstrual cycle. When found in low levels, proestrogen can alter the female’s menstrual cycle and lead to low sex drive, hot flashes, and even clitoris and G-spot insensitivity. Women looking to balance their proestrogen levels may want to research how all-natural supplements and herbs can help.

Your Guide to Female Sexual Exhaustion

We often associate sexual exhaustion with over-ejaculation in men.  But engaging in too much sex or masturbation can also harm women.  Women have to be careful not to... more

Your Guide to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

The fluctuations of mood and personality that many women experience prior to menstruation are often the subject of humor and parody.  But for millions of women, premenstrual... more

Hot Flash! - The infamously unpleasant symptom of Menopause

When a woman reaches her midlife - her late forties, early fifties - she begins to experience some of the unpleasant symptoms associated with the age. Hot flashes and night sweats are the most common, characteristic of the female mid-life condition as they are primarily caused by the changing hormone levels inherent to menopause. Read more

Mexican Wild Yam - A Healing Friend for all Senoritas

True to it’s name, Mexican Wild Yam does indeed grow wild (you may even find it in roadside ditches!). Of inane contradiction, however, is it’s native breeding ground of the eastern half of North America. Read more
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Menstrual & Hormonal

We Got a Heavy Bleeder!

Heavy bleeders, commonly known as heavy menstrual flows, often cause unintended stains on panties.
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Aztec Urinary & Bladder Control Secret Formulation for Her

Overactive bladder is a widespread condition affecting close to 20% of adults over the age of 40. Overactive bladder is defined as having an urgent need to empty the bladder and involuntary urinary leakage. Most overactive bladder symptoms can be corrected through natural remedies.
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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Female complains of panic attacks and hot flashes at night. If she has headaches throughout the day, why do the panic attacks and hot flashes only come at night? Is it due to a... more

Hot in Cleveland

Woman wrote in two years ago experiencing issues reaching orgasm due to a feeling of overstimulation. She began a supplement and now she has the ability to reach orgasm, but is... more

Three Months after Giving Birth, Her Niece’s Hair is Falling Out

A 25-year-old mother suffers from hair loss three months after giving birth. Her doctor blamed the condition on pregnancy and prescribed iron supplements. The real problem,... more
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