oxytocin imbalance

Oxytocin serves a vital role in sexual reproduction, especially during the stimulation of the nipples and clitoris. Oxytocin also serves a necessary role in orgasms, which explains why its depletion often negatively affects a female’s response to stimulation. Too much masturbation can ruin a women’s response to stimulation and lead to female orgasm dysfunction. Women who no longer feel stimulation during sex may want to take all-natural herbs and supplements.

The CATUABA Solution - Brazil's answer to lagging libido

Catuaba is a popular herb derived from a medium-sized tree native to the northern Brazilian Amazon forests. The bark from the Catuaba tree is used in traditional Brazilian medicine Read more

Is Masturbation Bad? - Debating an age-old Controversy

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Natural Orgasm Intensifier & Rejuvenation

the body’s chemical reactions can interfere and disrupt the sexual responses leading to an orgasm. Age, damage to the uterus endometrium, oxytocin imbalance, estrogen imbalance, or vulvo-vaginal inflammation, all bodily related reactions, can also alter a women’s ability to orgasm properly. Natural Orgasm Intensifier & Rejuvenation intensifies orgasm pleasure by enlarging the clitoris and engorging it to its maximum capacity, enhancing sexual performance and maximizing enjoyment, improving vegetative innervations of the female pelvic, increasing vaginal and muscular excitability and contractility, and modulating oxytocin for better uterus contraction and excitation.
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Passion Kindle Formula for Orgasm Dysfunction

When prolonged sexual excitement has over-produced sex hormones, women will be unable to reach an orgasm and some may develop a gynecological condition characterized by pelvic congestion, pain, and discomfort. Taking this formula, pelvic muscle tone can be restored, hormones can be rebalanced, and orgasmic responses can be restored to normalcy.
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Is She Faking It?

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When Your Partner is Sexless

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Sudden prostate pain after sexual activities

He suffers from general inflammation which has targeted his prostate, hip and back.
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