Most marijuana pundits assure the drug causes no lasting side effects. While their statements may be surmised by little factual evidence, the hallucinogen can alter the body’s chemistry and lead to impotence, female infertility, and low sex drive because of the constant inhibition of necessary neurochemicals in the brain. The end result can cause a lack of acetylcholine, cGMP, and Nitric Oxide that weaken erections, cause infertility, and poison the body. If you have abused marijuana, you may be suffering from the residual, sexual side effects. Restore your body to its natural state and try some all-natural solutions and supplements. 

Impotence - Caused by Marijuana

The Herballove team knows its plants. We know their usages, and we understand their sublet differences. So when a boy takes a picture of himself with a Cleome plant and photoshops... more

Female Infertility - Caused by Marijuana

The popularity of marijuana use as a recreational drug has increased over the years. Some benefits have even been documented for cancer patients. But it’s important to understand... more

Youth Impotence - Caused by Marijuana

Marijuana is a very popular street drug of our young adult culture. Most young people commonly think of marijuana as a relatively harmless mood lifter and creativity enhancer,... more

What It Means to Date a Stoner: How Men Are Smoking Away Their Erections with Marijuana

I don’t think it’s an uncommon thing is this day and age for we women to be dating or married to someone who habitually uses marijuana. We might even use it ourselves! But there’s less of an impact on our functioning sexuality—at least on the outset—than there is for our men. I’m sure you’ve noticed: men who smoke marijuana regularly tend to have less than stellar boners.
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Drug Ring: Getting Hard When You’re On the Hard Stuff

We belong to a nation of drug users. Although in most places even marijuana still remains illegal, people are able to get their hands on pretty much anything they’re looking for. These days, it’s unusual to find a person of the young set that isn’t using drugs in one form or another. It’s not as though the use of many of the drugs is anything new; cocaine and heroin have been around for centuries, marijuana as well, although it was almost never licit. Psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, and mescaline are old news, but always controlled.
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Cock Ring Guide For Unsustainable Erection Ruined By Drugs

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According to, 23 million Americans ages 12 and older reported trying an illicit drug, from gateway drugs, like marijuana, to more powerful drugs lik
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Erectile Drug-function: The Impairing Effects of Marijuana Use

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Javier grew up in the early ‘90s.
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Cannabis Means He Cannot – Sustain an Erection, That Is: His Girlfriend’s Tired of Weak Erections and Even Weaker Sex

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Smoking Kills…His Erections—He Can’t Keep it Up, But Doesn’t Want to Cut Down on His Joints

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Whiskey Dicks & Weed Wieners – Going Soft Due to Toxic Substance Abuse and How to Recover

This gentleman has been living on the wild side; drinking and smoking out day after day. That is until he got into trouble with the law. Now he has cut back, but it seems the... more
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