intimacy fear

Men worry about their penis size. They brood over their endurance level. Some even worry about what sexual position might be best. All this worrying and thinking causes men to become over anxious. Once sex is about to take place, some men either fail to gain an erection or ejaculate too quickly. If your intimacy fears continue to ravage your relationship, try a technique to help calm your body or an all-natural solution to alleviate your intimacy fears.

Premature Ejaculation - Caused by Intimacy Fear & Performance Anxiety

Heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, even sexual dysfunction can occur thanks to anxiety. A byproduct of mental and emotional dilemmas, anxiety can damage... more

Low Sex Drive - Caused by Fear of Intimacy

Sex comes very easily, when a deep and passionate emotional connection exists between the couple. But when that connection is broken or missing or physical intimacy crippled (... more

Easing the way for Sex, for the Shy Person

Shyness sabotaging your sex life?
A huge trigger for shyness is fear. Worrying about what other people think can inhibit one from acting authentically. You want your partner to know what you want. So let’s begin by minimizing the fear. 
Setting the Stage
You want to have sex. So you will have sex! Prepare the stage. Take a mental inventory of the things you know make you feel sexy and comfortable. These will help support you as you begin to initiate sex. 
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Don't Be a Hack in the Sack – A Beginner's Guide to Sexual Endurance

Congratulations. You have officially taken your first steps into manhood. Perhaps you're 14, 21 or even 45 (hey, we all find love at our own pace). You know what goes where; you've brushed up on the essentials of how to please your partner; and maybe you've even hit the gym so that you can confidently have sex with the lights on--or at least the hall light. 
There's just one problem. 
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Ways to Eliminate Stress & Reduce Performance Anxiety

Stress causes early ejaculation and many erectile dysfunctions by overexciting the sympathetic nerves, produce unhealthy stress hormones, and weakening the parasympathetic nerves controlling the ejaculation valve. Exposure to a long-term stressful environment would make it even worse.
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Ways to Ignite Your Passion and Desire Again

If you have lost the desire to make love to your significant other, chances are he will soon lose interest in you, too. Rekindle your passion again and prevent going through a divorce court.Stress and fatigue result in the prime reason most couples refuse to have sex, while a healthy diet and exercise can also improve the quality and frequency of sex with your partner.
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Overwhelmed with Worry and Mood Swings: When Expecting a Baby Ruins Sex Drive

Now that she’s pregnant, she’s experiencing mood swings and a loss of libido that forces her to make excuses to her husband. She enjoys sex but is afraid it will harm their unborn... more

17 Years without Sex Inspire Fears of Intimacy

She went through a divorce 17 years ago and has remained celibate ever since. Now she’s in a new relationship and ready to again have sex. The problem is she’s scared, especially... more

No Sex and High Stress: Finding a Cure to Those Sex-less Nights

His stress level continues to cause him to lose focus during sex. Now, he refuses to partake in the activity.
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