excessive thyroid hormone

Persistant Naughty Mind & Mental Confusion Caused by Sexual Exhaustion

Many people have reported that watching pornography online has had a profound, even negative impact on their mind. Most of them have admitted that such online voyeurism is not only very addictive, but they can’t even keep memories of sex videos they had watched previously from repeatedly recurring. Read more

Say Goodbye to Energy, Erections and Libido: Conditions Like Hypothyroidism Affect Testosterone and Take Away from Normal Body Functions

His once admirable health took a nosedive when he turned 56. That’s when his body underwent abrupt changes, not the least of which was lost erections. He does not achieve any... more

Thyroid Problems Decrease Your Stamina In Many Ways

A young man diagnosed with a thyroid condition had suffered from increased appetite, and concurrent increase in weight that exercise did not reduce. Premature ejaculation has also... more
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