estrogen imbalance

Present in both men and women, estrogen functions primarily as a sex hormone used for helping develop secondary sexual characteristics in women. While men carry estrogen hormones, women have much higher levels present in their bodies to help develop the breast, thicken the endometrium, and regulate the menstrual cycle.
An imbalance of estrogen causes orgasms to disappear, P.M.S. symptoms to increase in severity, and even vaginal dryness to set in. Women who experience dryness, heightened P.M.S. symptoms, and a lack of orgasms may be suffering from an imbalance of estrogen. To balance the natural hormones in the body, read about how all-natural herbs and supplements may help.

Slow Brain Activity Caused By Menopause

Menopause, known by most as a period of change, causes a bevy of alterations. It changes the organs. It may slow brain activity. It may cause memory lapses. It may even result in... more

Hot Flashes - Caused by Menopause

Many menopausal women reported that hot flashes, fatigue, and low sex drive are common symptoms happened all together. The surge of heat to the face and neck has been a source of... more

Female Orgasm Difficulty - Caused by Menstrual Cramps

Most women experience menstrual cramps at some time in their lives, usually just before or during their menstrual periods.  For some women, the discomfort is merely annoying... more

Herbal Remedies to Stop Irritability During the Menstrual Cycle

The side effects of the premenstrual cycle are seemingly endless and are completely different for each woman. Understanding how PMS effects the body is an important step to helping soothe and prevent major issues. By being aware of what is happening to the body internally, one can find the best ways to feel better.

Uncontrollable Anger & Sensitivity
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Decreased Desire - Sexual Side Effects of Menopause

Menopause has been the common fodder for comedic standup and as the subject for plays, such as Menopause, the Musical and The Vagina Monologues, but the symptoms of the phenomenon are no joke.

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Impotence / Youth Impotence

Natural Orgasm Intensifier & Rejuvenation

the body’s chemical reactions can interfere and disrupt the sexual responses leading to an orgasm. Age, damage to the uterus endometrium, oxytocin imbalance, estrogen imbalance, or vulvo-vaginal inflammation, all bodily related reactions, can also alter a women’s ability to orgasm properly. Natural Orgasm Intensifier & Rejuvenation intensifies orgasm pleasure by enlarging the clitoris and engorging it to its maximum capacity, enhancing sexual performance and maximizing enjoyment, improving vegetative innervations of the female pelvic, increasing vaginal and muscular excitability and contractility, and modulating oxytocin for better uterus contraction and excitation.
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Minimizing Breast Pain With Evening Primrose

Maybe helpful for: Women's PMS Problems Causes: estrogen imbalance
It’s that time of the month again where hormones fluctuate; mood swings change; and breast tissue swell.
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Older and…Wetter?

Woman has been ejaculating regularly during sex, regardless of fluid intake. The issue has only begun lately, and there is so much fluid that a pad must be used during sex. Where... more

Menopause Is Not Working For Me

Learn about a woman whose vaginal dryness is getting in the way of her otherwise amazing sex life.

All Pain and No Pleasure – Orgasms Interrupted by Cramping are the Result of Estrogen Imbalance

For 10 years, this early middle-aged woman has lived with painful sex and orgasms that are becoming increasingly hard to bear. She’s endured her situation up to this point because... more
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