Serotonin, a naturally forming neurotransmitter, tends to experience an inordinate drop in some people. The result often sees men and women suffering from mild and extreme signs of depression. While depression may be caused by a serotonin imbalance, menopause, andropause (male menopause, and even excessive masturbation can too cause depression. 
Menopause, Andropause and Masturbation’s Link to Depression
Depression is a neurological condition caused by a decrease of serotonin levels. Menopause and andropause both cause an imbalance of hormones that can eventually lead to a dip in serotonin levels. The end result can cause depression, especially for women battling menopause. Masturbation also causes an imbalance of hormones because of the excessive release of valuable nutrients and biochemicals that keep serotonin levels balanced. 

Marriage Doesn’t Stop with the Birth of a Baby: DHEA Capsules Help Men Enjoy Sex While Juggling the Responsibilities of Fatherhood

After her daughter’s birth, Hailey worried about postpartum depression. She knew from her mother and sister she was at risk. But she eased into motherhood almost effortlessly. She and her husband were ecstatic and felt, after several years of marriage, they were at last a family.
“Everything seemed perfect,” she tells us. “Of course, caring for a newborn was exhausting, and I kept waiting for signs of depression within myself. But I felt only happiness. I was born to be a mom.”
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Griffonia Simplicifolia

Griffonia simplicifolia is a bulky plant known as a ‘woody climbing shrub’ that is native to West Africa and Central America. It can grow up to ten feet tall, and is distinguished by the outgrowth of greenish flowers and black pods. Read more
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Before my depression last year, I had a really good response sexually to my husband. I had great arousal and no problem with orgasm. Now, I cannot experience an orgasm.

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He is suffering from bodily pains, obesity, erectile dysfunction, prostate problems and depression as a result of pot smoking, alcohol abuse and over-masturbation.
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