crystal meth

A chemically produced drug, Crystal, or Methamphetamine, increase awareness and euphoria, making even the most menial and cumbersome tasks enjoyable. Most men and women who abuse Meth often suffer from dangerous side effects that cause addictions and even sexual dysfunctions. For men, Meth can cause impotence and low sex drive because of the altered levels of neurotransmitters the body experiences. Men suffering from impotence and low sex drive due to Meth abuse should read how all-natural herbs and solutions can offer some solace to kicking the habit and regaining their manhood. 

Youth Impotence - Caused by Methamphetamine

Imagine if Snoop Dogg had titled his song “Smoke Meth Everyday” instead of weed. The public outcry would have been much higher. Perhaps the lyrics would not have jibed as well as... more

Impotence - Caused by Methamphetamine

Everything you need to make meth can be found in a super market. From the pseudophedrine in basic cold medicine to the red phosphorous found in matches, an addict can find the key... more

Drug Ring: Getting Hard When You’re On the Hard Stuff

We belong to a nation of drug users. Although in most places even marijuana still remains illegal, people are able to get their hands on pretty much anything they’re looking for. These days, it’s unusual to find a person of the young set that isn’t using drugs in one form or another. It’s not as though the use of many of the drugs is anything new; cocaine and heroin have been around for centuries, marijuana as well, although it was almost never licit. Psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, and mescaline are old news, but always controlled.
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Burned Out: Amphetamines, Impotence, and Exhaustion

Speed. Uppers. Crank. These are all slang for prescription and street stimulants (the latter referring to crystal meth, mainly). Some of you may be taking amphetamines or amphetamine-like drugs for certain conditions, but some use them for illicit purposes. They can have paradoxical effects: some may notice a tremendous increase in sexual desire, thoughts, or actions while they also have a soft (or non-existent) erection. Over time, they potentially result in residual impotence and a burnout effect.
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Bad Habits

Cock Ring Guide For Unsustainable Erection Ruined By Drugs

Maybe helpful for: Men's Impotence Causes: cocaine crystal meth marijuana
According to, 23 million Americans ages 12 and older reported trying an illicit drug, from gateway drugs, like marijuana, to more powerful drugs lik
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Crystal Meth Detox For Impotence Recovery

Maybe helpful for: Men's Impotence Youth Impotence Causes: crystal meth Symptoms: no morning erection
Detox your body to improve your erectile capacity damaged by Meth.
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Years Of Illegal Drugs Causing Sexual Problems

He is suffering from premature ejaculation and nervous system problems as a result of heroin and methadone abuse.

Masturbation Induced Damage To The Penis: Repairing the Damage

His excessive masturbation has caused a bevy of health problems.

How To Get Your Erection Back After Meth Use And Over Masturbation

A meth user who likes to masturbate learns how both drug use and over masturbation have caused a weak erection and how to detoxify his body to regain his sex life.
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