Most men who are circumcised are left prone to infection because of the lack of foreskin. Men who are not circumcised often must retract the extra skin to clean the penis. While circumcision has its benefits, it can too come with some negative aspects, particularly the lack of sensitivity felt during sex. Men who are circumcised may want to try some exercise routines with restoration device and all-natural supplement to regain the sensation during sex.

Your Guide to Foreskin Restoration

P racticed in every part of the world, male circumcision removes the extra skin from the glans. Some health pundits argue that circumcision offers a safer, more hygienic method... more

The Zipper Argument for Circumcision

Circumcision: some are for; others, against it. Even medical pundits remain split on the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision.

Some claim the removal of the extra foreskin damages a man’s stimulation, while other experts say the additional foreskin causes an increase of bacteria. And before you pick a side for or against circumcision, let us explain the Zipper Argument.

Why Parents Circumcise Their Children
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Five Reasons Why You Should Not Be Circumcised

Being an active athlete in high school and college, I was forced to shower next to other naked men. And when you get a group of naked men in a shower area, some will goof off, some will “walk tall,” and some men will hide their dignity to the rest. Ricky was one of those males who “walked tall” in the shower. He would show off his “manhood” to everyone—whether the person wanted to see it or not.
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Diseases & Sexual Dysfunction – Help & Share
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Sexual Exhaustion & Sex Addiction

Natural Solutions For Foreskin Restoration

Maybe helpful for: Men's Foreskin Restoration Causes: circumcision Symptoms: penis numbness
If you want to see a return of your natural foreskin, try Natural Solutions for Foreskin Restoration.
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Foreskin Restoration By Manual Stretching

Maybe helpful for: Men's Foreskin Restoration Causes: circumcision Symptoms: penis numbness
Learn how to naturally stretch your foreskin to its original state.
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Can Being Too Tightly Circumcised Stunt Penis Growth Techniques?

Despite results from Penis Ballooning, the circumcised penis has damaged nerves that prevent further enlargement.

The Secret to Un-Circumcising

The foreskin is responsible for a great deal of sexual sensitivity, but if you're circumcised or otherwise looking to expand your foreskin, you do have options for restoration.... more

Can't Fell This: Sensations Dulled or Almost Gone At The Head

An uncircumcised, diabetic male underwent the procedure voluntarily to solve one problem, only to discover he'd given himself another one. Now, the head of his penis almost feels... more
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