Considered an option to an all-natural birth, C-sections slice open a woman’s stomach to extract the baby. Most women after a C-section experience mild pain; others suffer from excessive vaginal discharge, painful intercourse, and difficulty gaining or maintaining an erection. If pain, constant discharge, or lack of an orgasm seem to plague you after childbirth, you may want to try all-natural herbs and supplements to get you feeling right again.

C-sections Complications

Credited as one of the greatest military commanders and known for his establishment of the Julian calendar, Julius Caesar remained a revered and dominant power throughout Roman... more

Vaginal Discharge - Caused by a C-Section

E xcessive vaginal discharge can occur after a C-section delivery. During a cesarean, blood circulation and nerves to the uterus are severed, resulting in an enlarged vagina and... more

Female Orgasm Difficulty - Caused by Intercourse Pain

Many women feel that pain is a natural part of intercourse, so they have no idea what is causing their discomfort or what do about it. Sexual intercourse is supposed to be a... more
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Botanical Tincture For Orgasmic Pain

An orgasm is intended to be a wonderful feeling. It relieves stress and allows you to cut loose of inhibition. Sadly, some women actually endure pain at the moment they climax. Long thought to be of psychological nature, when treated as a physical ailment great success was found with the development of this formula.
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One Woman, One C-Section and One Orgasm: She’s Only Climaxed Once in Her Life and Needs Sexual Satisfaction

She lost her virginity at age 15 and since then has had only one orgasm. The biggest challenge she faces is that of recovering from an emergency C-section. This operation changes... more

Childbirth Changed Their Lives Too Much

This couple took the sensible path and used birth control after their first child was born. However, the wife's libido has dramatically dropped, and the husband's response has not... more

My Uterus Is Doing Gymnastics

Learn how a woman in serious pain is confused and bewildered on what the cause may be.
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