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Spotting, vaginal discharge, sagging breast, vaginal insensitivity, and even vaginal pain are symptoms associated with heavy usage of birth control pills.  Because birth control alters the body’s chemistry by ensuring no egg is released, constant change to the body’s chemistry can reduce liver production, which causes excessive hormones and neurotransmitter build up that cause the above-mentioned symptoms. Women who suffer from a number of birth-control side effects should detox their bodies with all-natural supplements to limit these tiresome symptoms.    

Vaginal Insensitivity - Caused by Birth Control Pills

A problem that is frequently brought to our attention regards the correlation between various birth control medications and procedures and the loss of clitoral feeling. Many... more

Your Guide to Intercourse Pain

Ideally, sexual intercourse is a pleasurable encounter between two people. But for many women, sex can be painful and unpleasant. It can lead to intimacy problems and a general... more

Vaginal Insensitivity - Caused by Drugs

Many side effects from prescription drugs go unreported because they may take years of progressive influence to realize the damage they cause. In addition to birth control pills,... more

The Two Week Period Crisis: Dealing With The Side Effects of Birth Control

The first month I was ever on birth control was an absolute nightmare, and that's putting it very mildly . Within the first three weeks of taking the pill, my head was constantly pounding, I always felt weak and dizzy, and I had somehow developed these sharp-stabbing pains at the base of my neck. Needless to say, I was beyond miserable. I dreaded having to take my pill every day, because I knew I would be feeling like a hot mess within the hour.
The Liver Override
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Opening Closed Blossoms: What One Flower Can Do For Your Sexual Experience

Have you ever noticed how the smallest thing can have terrific consequences? For example, birth control. One tiny pill, shot, or ring and your procreation problems are put on hold. You barely have to think about it, whilst inside your body enormous upheavals are taking place. Hormonal systems are being undermined, uprooted, and overwritten. Usually, the worst we get out of it is nausea or spotting.
Where Is This Coming From?
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Birth Control Pills

Femme Recovery & Immune Enhancement Formula

Stress, exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, allergic reactions, inflammatory responses can ruin urinary and vaginal immunities. Natural formulas can help combat the inflammation and infection without the added side effects. Most natural formula can be taken with prescription drugs with a 30 minute window of separation.
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ViaPal-hGH-J Feminine Formula - Combat Sexual Side Effect From Medications or Hypothyroidism

ViaPal-hGH-J Formula is a hormonal balancing formula aimed at restoring sexual dysfunction caused by a disru
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Vaginal Infection Or Too Much Birth Control

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What’s Normal and Not: Excessive Vaginal Discharge Doesn’t Always Come with Other Symptoms

She stopped taking birth control after two years and, based on chunky white vaginal discharge, recently thought she suffered from a yeast infection. But she had no other symptoms... more
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