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Be mindful of what and how much alcohol you consume. While alcohol may help get a couple in the right mood, it can also negatively affect a man’s penis by impairing the production of necessary neurotransmitters used during sex. Incessant abuse of alcohol can even castrate the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular function while it inflames the prostate and penis due to the high levels of prolactin, norepinephrine and epinephrine in the body. Alcohol consumption in moderation is advised, but just be aware of how abuse can cause erection problems. If you suffer from alcohol abuse and erection problems, all-natural herbs and solutions may help restore your manhood. 

Impotence Caused - by Alcohol Abuse

"Alcohol is man's greatest enemy, but according to the Bible, men should “know thy enemy.” --Frank Sinatra  Except in too many instances men know their enemy a bit... more

Chemical Overload: Alcohol Consumption and Birth Control Pills Often Contribute to Orgasm Dysfunction in Women

Kayla is admittedly the life of any party – or rather she was. Always fashionably late, always surrounded by friends, always talking and giggly, she made plans for Thursday through Sunday each week for more than two years. Those plans repeatedly focused on one activity: drinking cosmopolitans.
“I was an all-out party girl,” Kayla confesses. “I had the tight dresses and miniskirts, spiked heels, you name it. I worked for one reason: to have money to go out. Nothing gave me greater pleasure than being with my girls and sipping cocktails.”
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Cure Alcohol Abused Impotence Effectively & Naturally

For many men, alcohol can be a helpful aphrodisiac. However, when alcohol consumption becomes abusive, it can lead to impotence. Excessive alcohol consumption allows toxins to enter the bloodstream and alter the cerebrospinal fluid, a liquid that cushions the brain. In addition to sexual dysfunction, alcohol abuse can also lead to chronic fatigue, lack of concentration, poor memory, anxiety, dizziness and poor sleep quality.
The Loss of Nitric Oxide
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Natural Remedies For Alcohol Impotence

Maybe helpful for: Men's Impotence Causes: alcohol abuse Symptoms: no morning erection
Stimulate your penis--without the need of alcohol. Fight alcohol-induced impotence!
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