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Your Prostate is Blowing Up like a Volcano – Now What Are You Going to Do About it?

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Prostatitis Weak Erection Symptoms: lower back pain Age: 36 - 55

A man who is just entering his middle-ages has been engaging in a little too much hanky-panky, and now his prostate is blowing up like the 4th of July. How can he reverse this terrible trend?

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I, like most men, never heard of Prostatitis—let alone the functions of the prostate. I saw the cheesy commercials discussing prostate enlargement, but never did I imagine that I would be the guy with prostate problems! Now, my prostate enlargement is getting in the way of my best stress-relieving activity: sex.
Since being diagnosed with prostate enlargement, I notice my erections are much weaker. My ejaculations seem to produce less semen. Heck, I even feel pain near my pelvic area, prostate, testicles, lower back and in my joints. What is wrong with me? I want my body to stop aching; my erections to return to normal; and my sex life to go back to how it once was--enjoyable! Could my past vasectomy be to blame for my pain too?


You are correct in not being alone when it comes to knowing anything about prostatitis. Heck, most men don’t even know what the prostate is and where it’s located for years, sometimes until they’re in their middle ages or beyond!
For some bizarre reason, in today’s hyper-politically correct society, education and awareness about breast cancer receives vastly more attention and funding than prostate issues. Both are terrible, and men can get prostate cancer at the same rates that women do breast cancer, but in my whole life, I’ve seen maybe one or two commercials about prostrate issues compared to being bombarded constantly by breast cancer ads.
That’s because organizations which have more money can afford more marketing campaign dollars and awareness campaigns. Like it or not, that’s the way it is…at least for now.

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Hot Lava
To get a better picture of what is happening to your prostrate, we must delve into your case further. You’ve had a full sex life; that’s great. Unfortunately, what can happen as a result of too much sexual activity is that you can blow through your body’s androgen hormones, which are responsible for powering your sex drive. A vasectomy can worsen things because it can result in a reduction in your testosterone levels.
As this happens, you can also release too much dopamine (which gives you those pleasurable feelings during sexual activities), and this in turn triggers your adrenal glands to go bonkers and flood your poor body with an overabundance of stress hormones. In this state of constant stress, prostaglandin E-2, normally responsible for smoothing out and relaxing your muscles, instead makes your body do its best impersonation of the volcano in the disaster film Dante’s Peak.
This sexually exhausted state can result in puny noodle-like erections, tiredness, and aches and pains throughout your pelvic area, back, and entire genital region. It can also cause your prostate to swell. Ironically, an activity which you have used for ages in order to release stress (sex/masturbation) can be the main reason for stressing your body out, and so now you might want to think about a proper recovery...
Deactivating the Eruption
Recovering from this issue is not an overnight thing, but usually what is most effective in a healing process never is. First however, you might want to lay off any and all (sexual intercourse AND masturbation) sexual activity which involves orgasming. Just see it as sending your body on a little rest and relaxation in order to get better.
Taking a potent botanical concoction can help you to come back from your sex-hiatus stronger than before. (TRY: Natural Prostate Pain Relief Formula) These herbal mixtures contain properties which are anti-cancerous, stimulate the immune system, and alleviate bodily inflammation.
What does this all mean? Over time, the elimination of pain and an end to a swollen and irritated prostate, after which you can get your sex life back to where it once was. So invest in yourself and douse those fires with some all-natural flame retardant!

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