Your Penis is Shrinking – and It's Not Just the Weed Talking

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Marijuana, SSRIs, depression and excess masturbation...there's a lot going on in this story, but it all points to one devastating consequence: lost penis size. Learn one guy's story, and find out what it all means for you.

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I'll start about three years ago when my problems started to arise. I was a senior in high school. Everything seemed to going good. At a hearty 7 1/2+ inches I was happy with my sex life. I had a girlfriend who I was very serious with and had a great sex life. But later that year when we broke up I started to experience more anxiety, depression and stress. I combated that with the use of marijuana.

I started smoking weed about 2 years earlier (have been off and on for four years). All of a sudden I started to lose robustness and length. Me being a very sensitive person, the effects were adverse. Even though it was just a little bit of size loss it really bothered me. Fast forward to the present and I am now an inch shorter. I did have a 4-month period in my life when I was very depressed and I thought my penis was actually shrinking. I have been diagnosed with depression and am currently taking medication. I am battling with general anxiety but things seem on the up and up. I ejaculate probably on average of once a day.

I am physically active and pretty healthy except for my pot usage (about once a day). My question is will I ever see that inch again? I know I'm young and this is such a petty thing to worry about, but the truth is it bothers me knowing that I have or had the potential to be something bigger than what I am. What measures or actions can I take to restore penile health and get that inch back? Thank you for your help. Your site is a brilliant resource.


Your story sounds like the classic rock star biopic. The guy is on top of the world, great life, killer sex, and then one day it all spirals out of control (on the next E! True Hollywood Story).

Before you know it, the groupie girlfriend is gone, and the depressed rock star drowns his sorrows in drugs and sexual excess, only to find out that his penis has shrunk in size...well, the last part doesn't usually make its way into the biopic, but I'm sure that more than one heavy metal superstar has looked between his legs after an extended drug/sex bender and said, “What the hell is going on here?”

There's good news, though. Your typical rock music story doesn't end well, but yours can still have a happy ending. The bad news is that it's going to require some hard work and self-discipline on your part. First and foremost, you need to deal with the underlying, unresolved issues that are causing you to feel depressed in the first place.

This is the root of your whole dilemma. It's the reason why you take SSRIs, the reason why you like to numb yourself with marijuana, and the reason why chronic masturbation provides such a desirable escape.
The Science of Penis Shrinkage
Your brain produces a chemical called acetylcholine, which allows you to sustain a firm erection during sex. When you frequently smoke marijuana, the chemicals take over your acetylcholine and disrupt your normal brain function.

As a result, you achieve less blood flow to your penis, and that means its unable to expand to its maximum size potential. In the same way, SSRI drugs reduce the production of nitric oxide, which is also crucial for a healthy erection, so you're losing the battle on multiple fronts. It's like blowing up a balloon three-quarters of the way and then running out of breath. Your balloon is going to be a bit limp. 
Restore that Penis to Its Full-Sized Glory 
As I said, your first course of action must be to address the emotional issues. Lay off the marijuana, and get rid of the antidepressants unless you have an absolute clinical need for them. If a doctor prescribed them to you, ween yourself off the drugs naturally under the doctor's supervision.

Sudden suppression of clinically prescribed antidepressants can have serious side effects. Your natural size should return in time, but if you're still not satisfied, I would encourage you to try a deer antler remedy (SEE: Increase Your Size with Deer Antler), which has been known to promote penile tissue growth in a safe and natural way.

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