A Younger Woman Doesn’t Solve All Problems: Venous Leak Needs Immediate Attention to Correct His Erectile Dysfunction

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He’s dating a woman he calls a “wildcat” in bed. She’s also 20 years his junior and he’s struggling to keep up. The problem isn’t just age – it’s the condition of his venous leak. His erections don’t last as long and aren’t as hard as they once were. If he wants to please his new lover, he’ll need a Penile Loop to improve the quality of his hard-ons.

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Some think I’m an old man, but I’m only 47. My girlfriend is 20 years younger and is a wildcat in the bedroom. She loves sex, and I love sex with her. My body, on the other hand, has recently started to protest. I’m losing my erections more quickly than I used to, and they’re not quite as hard as I want them to be. I know the problem – I have venous leak, but I’m not deterred. I have to keep up with my gorgeous girl and want sex. What can you tell a man in my position?


There’s nothing like a younger partner to invigorate your sex life. Renewed interest in technique, fearless adventure into the unknown and late-night hours rustling the sheets is as exciting as it gets. At least, it’s exciting if you can keep pace. From what you describe, that’s exactly what you’re trying to do – keep up with your new love. We intend to help you.
Understanding May-December Relationships
Relationships with big age gaps might be subject to derogatory comments from others. But younger women fall for older men for the simple fact of maturity. These men also have stable jobs and lavish their women with generosity.
Older men, meanwhile, feel attractive and virile when dating younger women. They enjoy the attention of walking through a restaurant or bar beside a gorgeous girl, and the sex rekindles feelings they thought were dead. Of course, the people involved in these relationships have to work harder than people near the same age because of different life circumstances. They might have to overcome opinions on having children or garner the support of their families. But the results are worth the efforts, especially because a May-December relationship can be so mutually fulfilling.

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Get What You Want
A huge component of this fulfillment is sex. It sounds crude, but it’s the truth. A younger woman can restore a sense of lost youth. She might also be more desirable than a woman 20 years her senior. So, what are you to do when you can’t keep up? Or, worse, when your body starts turning away from sex altogether?
First educate yourself to understand what venous leak is. Here’s what it’s not: a leak. You might think otherwise given its name, but a venous leak is a condition in which the veins do not retain blood. The heart pumps blood as it should, and the penis receives it as it should. But the veins don’t close to hold the blood there for a lasting, sustainable erection. Instead, the flow moves in and out to prevent you from staying hard.
A venous leak ensues from low testosterone. Like a woman, a man’s hormone levels drop as he ages. You can boost your testosterone two ways: manage stress to keep cortisol in check, and continue having sex. The first tactic ensures testosterone isn’t overridden by other hormones, and the second prompts the body to continue producing all sex hormones.
A New Tactic for Sexual Pleasure
In 2009, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed more than 50 percent of surveyed women had used vibrators. This means your young girlfriend is probably comfortable with sex toys and similar devices used to enhance intercourse. We would therefore like to recommend the Penile Loop to help you stay hard during sex.
The Penile Loop goes on the penis during an erection to provide a bigger, longer-lasting erection. It works on one premise, to keep blood from leaving the penis. (TRY: Penile Loops for Erectile Dysfunction Relief) This means your erection will last for as long as you wear it, or until you orgasm. You’re in control – complete control. Even better, you’re not ingesting risky pills or applying dubious ointments to your penis. You’re using a proven device to improve sex, much the same way couples use vibrators, anal beads and other toys to stimulate each other.
Different types of penile loops are available for purchase. This allows you to select the one you want and customize your experience. It also means you can at last keep up with your “wildcat” girlfriend – so go ahead and pleasure her as only an experienced, older man can.

What to do

Penile Loop for Venous Leak

Keep penile blood inside the chambers to prevent venous leaks. Read more
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