Young Man, Old Man Problems: Outlasting Your Girlfriend During Sex

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By Perrin Rynning Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Age: 18 - 35

This fellow wants to please his girlfriend, but either he ejaculates too quickly or she takes too long. He's willing to explore the problem from both sides: asking for help to slow himself down or help her achieve orgasm faster. Read on and see what you can learn.

Case #: 


1) When my girlfriend and I have sex, I come too quickly and she doesn’t get to orgasm. Is there anyway we can slow down how fast I come or make her orgasm quicker. 


Worrying about premature ejaculation can cause it to happen. Worrying about worrying about premature ejaculation can do the same thing, especially if it's turning into a persistent problem.

You're Too Hot
So how do you break this bad emotional feedback loop? An herbal remedy may assist the situation, especially helpful for your stress and performance reduction that can extend the foreplay. 

Tips of the Day

  1. Most men assume they cannot control an ejaculation. The truth is all men can control their ejaculation. Find out how in Debunking the Myths of Premature Ejaculation.

  2. Even the most experienced lovers will prematurely ejaculate at least once. Find out how it may affect veterans and novices alike.
Heat Her Up At Her Pace
The mechanism of female orgasm is slightly more complex than the male orgasm, involving more steps and requiring more time. Optimally, the two of you should have plenty of time to focus on sexual intimacy, and either a minimal number of emotional stressors or the mental ability to set them aside while you are in the bedroom. Use that time to slowly and respectfully explore each other to build a catalog of techniques that work better than others.

Even if both of you have had previous sexual encounters (with each other or with other partners) there is always something new to learn. On the other hand, if you and your partner know each other reasonably well, your confidence in that knowledge will help you stay relaxed and focused while letting the mood guide your actions.
Bringing It All Together
Talk with your partner and reassure her that you're working on the problem. If you choose to take an appropriate herbal remedy, make sure she knows you're doing it and give it time to do its work.

While you're waiting, experiment with gentle, low-key touching, like massaging her feet or shoulders. Aside from relaxing and improving your overall mood, this formula may help decrease your sensitivity to her touch, letting you build up your own orgasm more slowly.

Let everything cook at its own pace, and the end result will be more than satisfying.

What to do

Calm Pills For Hyperactively Aroused Premature Ejaculation

If you suffer from P.E. problems caused by anxiety or worry, take the formula to calm your spirit. Read more
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