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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Young Gun Burning His Pistol Out

Here's a young man who has discovered the joy of masturbating, but is in the process of discovering the cost, as well. It makes him feel good while he's doing it, but afterward he got tired, dizzy, and experienced physical pain and irritability. What's going on? Get the facts and find out what you can do if his problem sounds familiar.

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I've masturbated since when I was 13 years old. I masturbate 5 times a week. First time was feeling good and made me relax, but after 1 month I got dizziness, tiredness, fatigue and lower stomach pain. I thought it was just a temporary, but after 1 year later it became worse. And I do not care about it. Until this year it got lot worse. It made my mood terrible like I never had before.  I was in no mood to talk and I was angry and lazy. And the other thing is a lot of pressure on my body, it's hard to sleep and I have back and neck pain when I masturbate. I am very afraid to go talk with my parents about this because they will punish me hard when they find out about this. Then today I found your website! It gives a lot of information about what masturbation causes! I wish you can solve my problem because I can't live like this. It makes me very uncomfortable!


When we discover masturbation, it seems like such a wonderful thing. We can derive phenomenal pleasure from something that no one can ever take away from us, we don't need anyone's help, we can do it almost anywhere and at any time.
Fully Automatic
You can explore your body to find out what kinds of things give you pleasure, which can help you later in life when you earn the privilege (or receive the precious gift) of physical intimacy or with someone else. And best of all, it's free. Or is it?
Down For Maintenance
Masturbation has a price. (This article lists most of them, in the order in which they're most likely to appear and the signs of how severely damaged your body has become.) The most obvious one is that you're expelling a certain amount of biological matter; a runny nose that dripped for an hour or two might cost you approximately the same amount. (Or, if you prefer, losing about 1-10 mL of blood.) The more important cost is charged where you can't see: inside your body.
As more than one other person has suggested, your penis is much like a handgun. Better, in some ways, in that it repairs itself and manufactures its own ammunition. Worse, in others, because the repair and reloading can take a lot longer than it does for a mechanical firearm.
What's Going On?
Ejaculation and orgasm involves a complex series of physical and chemical actions. Consider a handgun, fresh out of the factory: all the parts are clean and work properly, and the ammunition is manufactured to precise standards. But every time you fire it, you use up one bullet and leave small amounts of waste inside it, as well as putting a little bit of wear and tear on the mechanisms. When you use up the ammunition, you can't fire it again until you reload.
When you ejaculate, you “use up” a lot of very important hormones. One is prostaglandin E-3, which is what allows the tissues inside your penis to safely shrink back down after your erection is no longer needed as well as do other things in other parts of your body. You also generate a lot of “waste” chemicals like cortisol, a stress hormone that helps give you a boost of energy during sex but which can cause considerable mental irritation and unhappiness if too much of it stays in your blood for too long.
As far as your organs and glands go, excessive masturbation means that your liver needs to work harder than normal to filter out the excess stuff. Your adrenal glands are only designed to give you small doses of adrenalin every so often instead of a constant stream. (Incidentally, overused adrenal glands are one source of lower back pain in response to sex or masturbation.) In the long term, excessive masturbation can lead to even more serious damage to your neural network, even inside your brain.
What Can I Do?
First things first: try to leave your pistol in holster, gunslinger. Your best bet is to leave it alone for around three weeks or so, but any significant decrease will help. You should also work on your diet (here is a recipe for spaghetti sauce that also helps combat chronic fatigue) and exercise more often, to increase your natural testosterone levels. Try taking up yoga, such as this position to help relieve lower back pain. (SEE: Yoga Squat for Lower Back Pain) You might also consider taking an herbal supplement designed specifically to help your body recover from the stress of excessive masturbation. (TRY: Natural Formula for Sexual Dysfunction & Exhaustion)
As any serious gun-owner will tell you, you need to clean and maintain your weapon when you are done with it, and you should never overuse it. The same applies to your penis: take better care of it and it will take better care of you.

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