Young, Dumb and Having Fun: This Middle-Aged Man Enjoyed His Youth and Now Has Sexual Health Problems to Prove It

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By Jean Dohm Conditions: Men's Impotence Age: 36 - 55

As a young man, he threw caution to the wind and adopted poor lifestyle habits that felt good at the time. Now, at age 50, he regrets those choices and wants his health back. Diagnosed with high blood pressure, he has erectile dysfunction and cannot engage in sex. He isn’t ready to throw in the towel, but he needs some help to get back on track.

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In my youth, I lived life to the fullest and have no regrets. Well, that’s not quite true. I regret ruining my health. I’m only 50, but I already have high blood pressure and am pre-diabetic. All those nights of drinking beer, staying up late and smoking have finally caught up to me. But I’m not ready to resign myself as an old, battered man. That’s why I want help with erectile dysfunction. The doctor told me it’s caused by my high blood pressure, and I understand why. Now I need to know what to do about it – I’m as full of life as ever, even if my body is a little broken down.


Americans seem to be on a crash course with unhealthy living. Most know the consequences of indulging in soda, beer and fast food, yet most continue to imbibe and consume. Three more healthy trends – avoiding cigarettes, getting enough sleep and exercising five times a week – also escape most peoples’ agendas. The result? An overweight and unhealthy nation.
Bad Food, Good Taste
Since the 1970s, cheese consumption in America has tripled. You can blame this on the federal government, which encourages the dairy industry to market its products to consumers of all ages. Today, cheese is America’s number one source of saturated fat.
Cheese isn’t the only culprit when it comes to unhealthy diets. Red meat, cream and processed foods contain saturated fat in abundance. In fact, it is estimated today the average American gets 11 percent of his or her diet from “bad” fats. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends saturated fat consumption of only 5 or 6 percent per day.
The trouble is that Americans are told in a vague and general way what they should and shouldn’t eat. In the meantime, media advertisements and grocery stores shove baked goods, potato chips, sodas, alcoholic drinks, and frozen foods directly in consumers’ faces. Loaded with salt and sugar, these foods are intended to tantalize taste buds – even as they clog arteries.

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The Story in What You Eat
Without making this too complicated, we’ll say saturated fats are bad for you. They raise cholesterol that can in turn raise blood pressure. Other factors that contribute to high blood pressure (HBP) include sedentary lifestyles, obesity and stress. The good news is these factors are largely manageable, meaning you can change your health simply by changing your habits. The bad news is this takes time and effort. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 200,000 Americans die each year from cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure. Each of these deaths is labeled as preventable.
Think About Your Sex Life
Like you, many men suffer from reduced sexual response caused by HBP. HBP damages arteries and impedes blood flow throughout the body. The penis needs blood in order to sustain an erection. As soon as a man feels arousal, the brain prompts all those penile veins and arteries to fill with blood. But damaged arteries mean a lack of blood and therefore a lack of sex.
If you ever needed a reason to change your personal habits, the inability to enjoy sex is perhaps the best we can offer. Sex promotes heart health, provides a general sense of well-being and even stabilizes hormones. It also feels good and helps you stay young – at least mentally.
Good Habits to Adopt Now
If you haven’t already done so, check your diet and adopt a daily exercise regimen. Also put aside the smoking and drinking habits. These steps will go a long way toward reducing HBP.
In this same vein of health, you need an herbal supplement formulated to correct erectile dysfunction. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Improved Sex & Heart Health) The foremost ingredient is omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that naturally balances hormones and revitalizes aged arteries. Omega-3 also lowers blood pressure, making it a smart alternative to prescription medications that introduce more toxins to your body.
Other ingredients like Sarsaparilla Jamaican act directly on the penis to repair damaged tissues, increase strength and build stamina. You’ll see the results in hard, sustainable erections that satisfy you and your partner. Don’t spend another minute aging prematurely – select an herbal remedy and get back on life’s path.

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