You’ve Got It All Wrong: He Thought She Was the Problem, But His Weak Erections are the Culprit Behind His Wife’s Sex Ban

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By Jean Dohm Conditions: Men's Impotence Causes: venous leak Age: 36 - 55

After his wife said she no longer wanted sex, he assumed her desire was at fault. What he discovered was his own inadequacy. She doesn’t want the tepid lovemaking offered by his weak erections. He can return to her bed once he controls his condition, but that means first dealing with venous leak. The simplest solution is a Penile Loop.

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When my wife told me she no longer wanted to have sex, I immediately blamed the problem on her. She was over 40 and, I assumed, void of interest. I thought about this for a few weeks and told her if she denied me her bed, I would be forced masturbate – regularly. She told me to feel free and then said she was going to do the same. It turns out she’s not the problem…I am. She’s tired of dealing with my droopy erections caused by venous leak (I was diagnosed a few years ago). If I can correct this, I’ll once again enjoy sex with my wife. What do you recommend?


It’s hard to describe the differences between male and female sex drives. Many people buy into the idea of a sexual peak and believe men hit their strides as early as 18, while women don’t do so until their 30s. But these same people swiftly say female libido drops with age, especially after 45, as menopause becomes a serious consideration.
Here’s what we can tell you: people want sex when they’re comfortable with themselves and their bodies. This can happen at any time for men and women. Hormones influence desire, but having sex more frequently keeps hormone levels higher – meaning you’ll want more sex as the frequency with which you engage increases.
Keep this in mind as you consider your future sex life with your wife. Don’t expect her libido to wane because she’s growing older, just as you shouldn’t assume erectile problems are natural components of aging. They’re not, and anyone at any age can enjoy intercourse.

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When You Want to But Cannot
Simply put, venous leak causes erection problems. It prevents blood from filling the penis and creating a hard-on. Even if a man desperately wants sex, venous leak will prevent it. Or, as you found, a man will have weak erections that interfere with lovemaking.
Venous leak sounds like a condition of, well, leakage. It actually refers to a lack of density in the veins. This means they cannot fill with blood, and even as flow moves correctly to the penis, veins fill and just as quickly empty. There is no “pinching off” to hold the blood in place and maintain an erection.
The underlying cause of venous leak is low testosterone. This hormone is responsible for maintaining smooth penis muscle and healthy penis structure. Testosterone levels naturally wane with time; then penis tissues atrophy and are replaced with fibrous tissues. These interfere with vein elasticity.
Step Up to Sex
After reading this, you’re likely asking if it’s possible to undo the damage that’s been done. The answer is yes. Severity of venous leak depends on each individual. Some cases prevent a man from achieving any erection, others mean a man loses his erections more quickly than normal.
The key to overcoming of these situations is to work with your body rather than against it. Forego chemical-laden pills and opt instead for a natural approach. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and engage in regular exercise. Both activities keep your body free of damaging toxins and build stronger muscles. They also improve cardiovascular health to ensure blood pumps freely to your penis.
It’s equally important to manage stress. The stress hormone cortisol reduces testosterone levels in the male body. By reducing stress, you’ll give a natural boost to testosterone and enjoy more energy with more intense sexual desire.
The Loop Solution
The fastest way to improve erection quality is with a Penile Loop. (TRY: Penile Loops for Venous Leak Relief) This device is worn on the penis to constrict veins and trap blood so a man can achieve an erection. The Penile Loop is adjustable for maximum comfort, meaning it will not interfere with intercourse. It also puts you in control – you can adjust the compression pressure to achieve and maintain the erection you want.
We recognize that trying something new can be daunting. The Penile Loop features a simple design and effectively manages venous leak. You can choose from several different varieties to purchase the one that best meets your needs. Don’t wait another moment…take control today and show your wife just how ready for sex you are.

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Penile Loop for Venous Leak

Keep penile blood inside the chambers to prevent venous leaks. Read more
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