You Lost That Loving Feeling – Why Vaginal Insensitivity Occurs

I had sex with a man who had a large penis. And I'm wondering if this one time could have possibly stretched me out

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I'm not really sure what my problem is. I had sex with a man who had a large penis. And I'm wondering if this one time could have possibly stretched me out. I didn't have sex for a while after this encounter and I just don't feel as tight as I used to.
My current boyfriend is not small either, and I get so wet with him that it's almost as if I don't feel him. I am only 21 years old. I'm just wondering if maybe I have a loose vagina? I've had guys in the past tell me I'm tight, so I don't know what's wrong. Please help.


The Problem is Actually Much Smaller 
Sounds like the problem isn’t a matter of size. Allow me to step in for a moment as your reproductive personal trainer. At 21 years old, your vagina is able to return to its original shape. You, unlike women combating menopause, do not have to worry about a hormonal condition affecting the vagina’s physicality.

You have young muscles that respond to even the slightest exercise. It sounds like you’re not neglecting your vaginal workouts either since you are sexually active. Regular sexual activity keeps the nether regions healthy and in shape – as long as you don’t overdo it.
As your personal trainer, I don’t recommend tightening up your lady muscles to regain vaginal sensitivity. The problem that we need to address is most likely a hormonal imbalance, which has nothing to do with the tightness of your vagina.
Why Your Vaginal Sensitivity Has Switched Off
Personal trainers take a look at your entire lifestyle to see where improvements can be made. In this situation, we’re looking to build vaginal sensitivity. So first we need to determine what’s causing the problem.
Hormonal imbalances are one of the more common physical causes of vaginal insensitivity. For young women, an estrogen imbalance can cause you to go from totally excited to wondering what’s going on down there in the middle of the act. When there’s insufficient stimulation, climaxing is difficult because the sexual receptors from the G-spot to the clitoris have been switched off.
One culprit can be overuse. Vaginal insensitivity from excessive sex or masturbation is a result of exhaustion, desensitized sex organs and hormones that are imbalanced. If you’ve been increasing your sexual workout regimen in hopes of tightening the vaginal muscles this may be having an adverse affect on sensitivity.
Other causes that can lead to estrogen imbalance include: diet, genetics and medication.
How to Regain the Feeling
If you’ve been excessively working out, cutting back on your sex or masturbation routine will help to restore vaginal sensitivity. However, it may take some time for your body to get your hormones back on track.
Fortunately, there are natural herbal remedies for vaginal insensitivity that address estrogen imbalances. An herbal remedy can help you get your vagina back to its original form by promoting the proper production of female hormones while increasing sensitivity.

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