You Are Cleaning Up Your Act But Your PMS Is Pretty Messed Up

I have abused my body in the past, and I am now making amends. My hormones are ruining my cycle! Have I permanently messed myself up by being a former drug abuser who was also taking antidepressants?

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Katlin wants to get her body back on track. A former alcoholic and cocaine user, she has stopped using and taking antidepressant, which caused shooting pains in her head. Eliminating the toxins from her body presents some interesting sensations and moods during her menstrual cycle. Katlin, for example, experiences aggressive behavior on her first day of ovulation, followed by moodiness and anger. After ovulation, she notices intense sexual desires.


Prostaglandin E-2, a hormone, signals to the ovarian follicle to release the egg. But a side effect of prostaglandin is heat that occurs to the whole pelvis.
Ovulation 101
During this process of prostaglandin E-2 releasing, your androgen hormones join in the dance to get the prostaglandin E-1 swirling to increase nerve functioning that increases your experience pleasure!
What Those Street Drugs and Anti-Depression Drugs Can Really Do to Your Body
Recreational and antidepressant drugs can give you a rush of adrenaline. This chemical increases prostaglandin E-2, an increase that prevents the release of an egg. The prostaglandin E-1 production overwhelms the amount of epinephrine. And because of the drugs, the liver cannot release necessary enzymes, which support the androgen hormones.
An abundance of alcohol, meanwhile, can impair the glands that release your hormones, affecting hormonal balance. Street drugs, alcohol and anti-depression drugs destabilize your pituitary gland that releases hormones.
The Deal on PMS
PMS may come about as your body’s reaction to the fluctuations of hormones, serotonin levels, and stress. Your Guide to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) lists the myriad of symptoms.
If you are re-cooperating from severely abusing your body with recreational drugs and/or anti-depression drugs, there may be a lot internally your body is trying to balance out. Give yourself some time, be kind to your body, and if needed, bring some herbal backup support to your system with PMS: Pretty Miserable Syndrome – No More! , to support your liver functioning and it works with your body to balance hormone production.

What to do

PMS: Pretty Miserable Syndrome – No More!

Often, the distress and pain associated with PMS is normal and endurable. But for some women, the pain can be a source of agony and stress. Most of the discomfort can be reduced or relieved thanks to a realignment of the body’s hormonal production... Read more
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