Yeast Is Only For Baking, Not For Your Vagina

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Are yeast infections a repeat offender in your life? Learn how to break the itchy cycle now!

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I am a thirty-three year old woman, in pretty good health and shape. I feel good, I look good. But despite this, I have a history of systemic and vaginal yeast infections. Why do these infections continue to ruin my physical well being?


Yeast infections can be pretty elusive. They may begin for one reason or another, and return for an entirely different reason. Some of the top causes include poor diet choices, drug or medication use, bad hygiene, and a heightened level of sexual activity.
Tricky Business
The vagina has its own well balanced pH levels. When we engage in the listed causes above, we put the balance of the pH in danger. Also, when a woman uses soap and deodorant too often to cleanse the vaginal area the doderlein bacillus will dissipate slowly. The bacillus is the bacterium found within the vaginal tract. It essentially keeps the vaginal pH acidic in order to prevent infections.

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A Normal Vagina
In addition to being tricky, yeast infections are also probably one of the most annoying conditions to unfortunately be graced with. The itching alone is enough to drive any woman up a wall. Obviously, the vagina will normally secret a small amount of moisture each day. However, when the moisture is secreting so much that it actually stains your undergarments, there's a problem. Many women who are diagnosed with yeast infections will experience a combination of the lovely burning, itching sensation in the vaginal area, and a cottage cheese-like discharge. Some women will experience an odor that accompanies the discharge as well.
How To Fix It
Firstly, I would have you look to your diet for answers. I would suggest cutting out any fatty foods and red meats. Next I would urge you to start going commando when you go to bed. Forgoing underwear when you're asleep will cut down your chances of contracting a yeast infection again, because it will not give the harmful bacteria a chance to grow in a dark, damp, and enclosed area. During the day you should stick to cotton underwear only.
I would also suggest trying a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Ailanthus Cortex, Alpiniae Officinarum, Dong Quai, Ligusticum, Phellodendron Amurense, and Rehmannia. (TRY: Abnormal Discharge Relief Formula) These herbs will help to give you some much needed relief as far as the burning and itching. They will also help to once again balance out your vaginal pH system, so that your body actually has the chance to heal itself.
If, your yeast infections persist after utilizing the herbal remedy, you should see your OBGYN as soon as possible so that they may rule out any other sexually transmitted possibilities.

What to do

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