Years Of Illegal Drugs Causing Sexual Problems

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By Richard Bonilla Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Causes: crystal meth Age: 18 - 35

He is suffering from premature ejaculation and nervous system problems as a result of heroin and methadone abuse.

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I prematurely ejaculate often, and it should be noted, I have a history of heroin and methadone abuse. At an early age, I became familiar with non-ejaculatory sex and masturbation. When I am using heroin, sometimes crystal meth, I could last for hours before ejaculating. Now that I am clean, I cannot endure more then few minutes. What can I take to cleanse my body?


You have definitely done a great deal of damage to your body by abusing heroin and methadone. Both drugs enter into both the bloodstream and cerebrospinal fluids and damage the brain's endorphin and opioid receptors. Because the drugs dmage the brain’s endorphin’s, they induce a high sense of well-being and intense euphoria while masking pains and removing the natural production of endorphins.
Heroin and methadone activate four neurotransmitters -- β-endorphin, dynorphin, leu-enkephalin, and met-enkephalin. The problem is once heroin enters into the cerebrospinal fluid and bloodstream, it reduces or stops production of the opioids by destroying the production cells in the brain.
Heroin and methadone poisons cells and neurons as well, and the chronic use of the drugs can result in weak erections because of the damage to the blood vessels. Weak erections can then lead to premature ejaculation. You must detoxify your body by taking a Crystal Meth Detox and then take the calm pills for your PE problem.

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