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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Yearning to Stop the Burning – Masturbation and Urethritis

He was experiencing severe pain in the tip of his penis during urination. Learn about one man's battle with urethritis, and find how this all-too-common condition can be treated.

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I have had pain at the tip of my penis whilst urinating. I don’t feel any pain while the urine is flowing up the urethra but as soon as it gets towards the tip when leaving the body the burning sensation starts. This has caused me to not want to go and urinate. I masturbate frequently, once sometimes twice a day, but I’ve never had any problems in the least. I have received oral sex in the last week, and have also given oral sex within the last week. The tip of my penis (tip or urethra) is slightly red and looks swollen although the head of the penis is not affected so much. I was wondering if this is a serious problem and if I continue to masturbate would it make it worse. What’s the best way to relieve the burning sensation?


Masturbation really is the great temptation. No, I'm not going to go all religious on you and carry out a sermon about the lusts of the flesh and the threat of eternal hellfire. In general, masturbation is great. You can't deny, though, that masturbation does seem to be the ultimate drug. It makes you feel good, it's always in ample supply, and it costs nothing to take a hit. And unlike most drugs, it's actually pretty safe...in moderation.
The problem arises when masturbation becomes a habitual practice. If you schedule time for the activity multiple times a day like some kind of functional heroin addict, there are going to be consequences.
Over-Masturbation – The Cause of your Penis Pain 
The agony you're experiencing in the tip of your penis is caused by inflammation. Your prostate produces the semen that makes masturbation such a mind-blowing experience (and a somewhat messy experience), but it also produces certain hormones like prostaglandin E-2.
When overproduced, prostaglandin E-2 behaves as an inflammatory hormone, causing abrasion to your urethra and glans penis. This condition is commonly referred to as urethritis.  If you continue down this road, you may begin to experience even more unpleasant symptoms related to prostate enlargement, including premature ejaculation and soft erections.
If you take a sabbatical from masturbation, you may notice a bit of relief within a couple of week. Unfortunately, though, it may not be enough to simply scale back on your drug of choice. If you have experienced any degree of nerve damage or bacterial infection as a consequence of the inflammation, then you may need to treat the problem at its source. Fortunately, there are a variety of herbal remedies that can provide some relief to your throbbing penis.
The Wonders of Cranberry 
You've probably heard about the effectiveness of cranberry in treating urinary tract infections, but cranberry has also demonstrated great effectiveness in treating the effects of inflammation resulting from prostatitis and urethritis. When you combine cranberry with hibiscus, the results are especially powerful. If you're looking to get the problem under control quickly, I would recommend a targeted herbal formula designed with cranberry and hibiscus. (SEE: Cranberry Remedy for Urinary Health) Finally, remember to take it easy on the masturbation, and limit the action to a few times a week. This is one drug addiction you definitely don't want on your hands.

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Cranberry Urinary Tract Infection Remedy with Hibiscus

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