A Woman and Her Birth Control: Potent Ingredients that Spell Disaster for Sexual Desire

She needs a vibrator to orgasm; without it, intercourse needs to last an increasingly long time before she reaches climax. To add further burden to her already troubled state, she doesn’t want sex – her thick vaginal discharge is a turn-off, and the fact that she can’t orgasm doesn’t help. The simple explanation here is hormonal birth control.

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I have not been able to orgasm without my vibrator. Then, if I do, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes. I have been on birth control and have noticed a lot of thicker discharge. It makes me not want to have sex. Could this be why I am not able to orgasm?


The link between sexual arousal and orgasm is undeniable. Simply put, engaging in sex when you don’t want to isn’t likely to make you climax. You have to want intercourse - and be physically and emotionally prepared for it - to enjoy its pleasures.
Knowing you’re on birth control helps shed some light on your condition. Oral contraceptives introduce even more hormones to your body than what it already produces. For many women, this causes a hormonal imbalance that interferes with everything from mood and vaginal discharge to weight gain and sexual desire. In other words, hormones have a lot of responsibility in the body, and taking them out of their delicate balance produces a variety of unwanted side effects.
When You Can’t Reach Orgasm
A well-documented side effect of birth control is a loss of libido. The irony behind this is startling – birth control offers women greater sexual freedom without the worry of getting pregnant. But that freedom doesn’t mean much to the women who don’t want sex.
The pill contains artificial blends of two hormones: estrogen and progesterone. These chemicals are significant because they prevent pregnancy. But with time, these and natural hormones accumulate in the body because they slow liver function. The liver is the organ that is responsible for metabolizing all hormones, and although it is a highly efficient organ, it can become fatigued. An overload of hormones means slower metabolic rates, thus allowing a chemical build-up in the body.
In order to maintain healthy sexual responses, women must have exact ratios of estrogen and progesterone. We already know birth control interferes with those ratios. But to take it one step further, birth control can cause what’s known as estrogen dominance – meaning that hormone exists in higher levels than progesterone. Women with estrogen dominance often suffer from irritability, PMS and low sexual desire. Again, no desire means no orgasm.
Estrogen Also Causes Vaginal Discharge
In addition to playing a key role in sexual functions, estrogen also helps maintain vaginal health. This includes supporting thick vaginal walls and prompting the release of discharge. Believe it or not, discharge is beneficial to the vagina. It expels toxins, bacteria, dead skin cells, and dirt to keep the vagina and surrounding areas as clean as possible.
An excess in estrogen, however, will result in excessive vaginal discharge. It’s also important to remember your discharge can naturally change at certain times of the month. During ovulation it will increase in quantity by up to 30 times the normal amount; after menstruation it will be thick and white. If you’re worried about the health of your vagina, remember this: discharge is normal as long as it remains clear or white. Any deviation in color, including that of yellow, gray or green, could signal an infection.
A Formula Created Just For You
Untold numbers of women experience sexual dysfunction. Like you, many have excess toxins in their bodies caused by birth control pills. Pollutants from the environment, food and even water supplies can also take their toll on the body. Still other women aren’t comfortable with themselves and/or feel inhibited during sex.
Fortunately, you can combat the unwanted side effects of birth control by taking an all-natural supplement. (TRY: Natural Formula for Orgasm Enhancement & Vaginal Discharge Relief) Herbs like Dong Quai and Mexican Wild Yam restore balance to the hormones, meaning they put an end to orgasm dysfunction and vaginal discharge. Even better, additional herbs like Horny Goat Weed improve desire. This means you’ll want to have sex, and with your body back in balance, your orgasms will be stronger than ever.

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