Why Marijuana Was Accused of Erections' Death

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Youth Impotence Causes: marijuana Age: 18 - 35

Here is a case involving a young man who has been whacking the wizard too much and his penis has now become flaccid and unresponsive. How can he correct (and erect) this condition?

Case #: 


I am 18-years-young. And like most 18-year-old men, I should be having the hardest erections of my young life. Unfortunately, that is not the case for someone like me. I cannot gain an erection at all. I watch porn. I provide stimulation. I even try to rub lotion on my penis to mimic the inside of a vagina, and still, I cannot gain an erection. I am anxious that I did something to my body. But what? The only minor lifestyle choice I make is smoking weed. But that cannot cause impotence, right?


You see the sexy videos everywhere; the blinged out rappers driving souped-up cars and SUVs with half-naked hoochies surrounded them in suggestive poses. Usually, there are other hallmarks of the genre present; snapping and snarling pit bulls, scantily clad bodies partially submerged in hot tubs, glasses being recklessly swung back and forth spilling campaign all over, and…of course…weed.

Dude, Where Did Mr. Happy Go?
Marijuana being inhaled, blown into the camera, big medallions shaped like cannabis plants, and so on. I even inadvertently saw (or rather partially saw) one goofy rap video where the “artists” were obscured by thick clouds of smoke most of the time. This combined with the fact that most of what they were rapping about was unintelligible provided for a rather bizarre viewing experience; one that I’d like to avoid in the future. The point of all of this is that smoking weed is supposed to be “cool” nowadays and is supposedly okay to do. This stupefyingly irresponsible and dangerous message is causing many health problems with people, including yours: impotence. 
Even though many people think of marijuana as a “happy drug” that makes you feel more mellow and such, what happens every time you light up and puff, puff, pass, is that you disrupt your normal brain patterns and cause irregularities with your nervous system. Think of your blood vessels of tiny rivers filled with red rapids (blood) which carry important supply barges on them (vitamins, minerals, steroids, hormones, etc.) to your brain, penis, liver, and other organs. When you ingest marijuana, you raise the prostaglandin E-2 levels in your body causing your blood vessels, from your tiny capillaries to your largest arteries, to constrict little by little.

Over time, these veins can become so contracted that they can no longer transport the necessary quantities of blood needed to engorge your penis for erections. If that weren’t enough, your liver also suffers a hit as it no longer has enough blood supply to properly metabolize nutrients in order to produce adequate amounts of androgen hormones, which results in impotence. What’s the way back to health you ask?
Cease all sexual activity for a while; at least until your impotence issue is resolved. Since porn desensitizes you to proper sexual function, consider taking up another hobby such as working out, swimming, running, or something similar. 
Certain natural cannabis eradication mixtures can help you to reclaim your sexual potency. (TRY: Marijuana Detoxification Recovery) These herbs (the helpful kind) can repair and rejuvenate your liver, allowing it to boost its detoxifying abilities and eradicate the build-up of toxic delta 9-tetrahydrocannabino caused by marijuana use. They can also gradually reduce your inflammatory prostaglandin E-2 levels which will allow your blood vessels to become unconstructed, leading to harder erections once again. A final benefit is the promotion of nitric oxide which can further improve your erectile strength and make erections last longer. So reclaim your youthful vigor and sexual prowess the natural way.

What to do

Cannabis Detoxification for Poor Erection Recovery

For young people suffering from impotence caused by abusive masturbation, Cannabis Detox can eliminate toxins and improve erectile capacity once again. Read more
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