Who Salted My Penis? – The Appearance of Small White Papules

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Here we find a gentleman writing in concerned about the discovery of small white bumps on his penis head. What are they and how can he hope to get rid of them?

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Hello, I am a 24 year old male and I have noticed recently that I have some scary symptoms on my penis. I was taking a shower last week and I spotted several pearly papules right under the glans of my penis. I am really scared of this because I have never seen anything like this before, let alone having it myself. I have been with several sexual partners lately and most of the time I have used protections so that shouldn't be a problem, I think. Please, can you tell me if this is some sort of infection or STD? What can I do to get rid of these?


Mark was about to get off work; it had been a rough day with his boss screaming at him and all. Now it was time to hit happy hour at the local after-work watering hole and then go home and crash. At the bar he met an attractive woman and they hit it off. After polishing off a bunch of shots, they jumped into a cab and headed for his place while making out in the backseat. What the hell, he figured, he needed to blow off some stress and sex was as good a way as any.
After arriving at his apartment, they ripped each other’s clothes off and jumped into the sack. Mark later wondered if they had been trying to break his bed as they had really gone at it for a long while, and his neighbors had angrily knocked on his walls due to all of the loud moaning, spanking, and mattress squeaking noises. They exchanged numbers and planned to hook up again.
Uh…This is Not a Pretzel
A week later, Mark was at home one evening disrobing for a shower when he noticed something peculiar about his penis. On the glans (mushroom shaped head area) there were what appeared to be tiny white bulbs or bumps covering it. OMG! That was it! He was doomed…his penis was going to fall off! His heart pounded in his chest as he thought back to his recent sexual partner of a week prior. He’d used condoms, but not at first when she had just sat on his penis in the beginning. He figured that he had contracted an STD.
A couple of weeks later, Mark breathed a sigh of relief as his doctor told him that he didn’t have an STDs, the bumps were merely benign (although unsightly) Penile Papules.
Similar to Mark’s situation, the discovery of little white bumps on your penis, which resemble the salt crystals on pretzels, can be quite alarming; but in many cases these turn out to be non-contagious hirsuties coronae, or penile papules. Although no one really knows what causes this potentially embarrassing condition, there are ways to go about getting rid of them.
Return to Normalcy
First things first; if you do believe that you may have contracted an STD, by all means consult your physician. Barring that it’s nothing more serious; there are some all-natural solutions to this unsightly problem.
The use of iodine has been found to wipe out papules by seeping into them on a molecular level and drying them up from the inside-out. Many men have reported the complete eradication of their little problem within a few weeks.
Another method is the application of Tea Tree Oil extracts from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia. It’s powerful anti-microbial properties can make short work of acne, penile papules, and even MRSA. Concentrated Tea Tree Oil is so effective that it is also used to treat basil cell skin cancer.
Castor Oil, composed primarily of fatty acid chains, contains potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents which are ideal for eliminating those pesky penile papules. (SEE: Penile Papule Castor Oil Removal Solution) First, you must make sure the affected area is clean by gently washing your genital region. Then, after fully drying the area, apply a small amount of Castor Oil to a cotton swab and dab it on the papules lightly (if you feel any discomfort – stop). Men doing this twice a day for a few weeks have reported that the papules start to go away. That’s it – so what are you waiting for?

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