Whiskey Dicks & Weed Wieners – Going Soft Due to Toxic Substance Abuse and How to Recover

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Causes: alcohol abuse marijuana Age: 18 - 35

This gentleman has been living on the wild side; drinking and smoking out day after day. That is until he got into trouble with the law. Now he has cut back, but it seems the damage has been done in terms of his erection strength, or lack thereof. Can he change things around?

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Just up front I’ll let you know that I used to be a big party guy. Well I kinda still am but I’ve cut back. I used to drink and smoke weed every day. It all seems like big haze now.
Well I got a DUI and had to pay tons of money and take these stupid classes. On top of that, my penis became soft when I was about to have sex with my girlfriend. I mean no matter what it wouldn’t get that hard.


When I got out of the military years ago, I started a job right away. On this particular gig there were a couple of other guys that just got out of the service; they were both Marines. One of them, we’ll just call him Joe, was sort of a loose cannon. A little insane in the membrane if you know what I mean.
So on our lunch breaks, Joe used to hold us hostage as we gulped down our food. He’d corner us and regale everyone in the vicinity of either his graphic war stories, or his equally graphic tales of sexual conquest. It wore out its welcome pretty quickly.
True or Not?
One day he told us that he had been dating the cute office girl at our workplace. He went into detail about how freaky she was and the things she did to him sexually and vice-versa. Ultimately, he wanted to get the point across that he blew her mind in bed.
I was friendly with the office girl in question, and talked to her occasionally. One day I asked her about Joe, just out of curiosity (okay I was being nosey). From there she practically hemorrhaged information on their brief dating period. She said that he seemed way too nuts, and smoked too much weed and drank too much alcohol. When she did get into bed with him (why would you get into bed with a nutty man? But that’s another story), she said his penis looked like a gummy bear. From then on, when he’d talk about his times with her I’d sniggle under my breath.

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Poisoned Penis
Yeah, marijuana and alcohol consumption can seem fun at first, even though they’re bad for your health. Inevitably however, toxins contained within both can really throw a curve ball at your body.
Over time, not only can weed and booze slow you down and literally inject poisonous elements into your body and mind, but they can also interfere with your ability to metabolize vitamins, nutrients, and helpful chemicals compounds.
This can begin a dangerous chain-reaction since this in turn can cause the depletion of androgen hormones and neurotransmitters that are critical to enabling arousal and blood flow to the reproductive area, specifically the penis. In your mind, you can still really conceive of having sex with a partner, but feel like you’re trapped in a bad dream where your member doesn’t respond to stimuli; it just sites there – limp.
Re-Powering Your Liver
Your liver is your life. If your liver goes out, you open yourself up to a whole host of problems, since it’s your liver’s job to flush out your body and rid it of the bad stuff. The liver absorbs and metabolizes chemical compounds and then utilizes them to detoxify your body and produce neurotransmitters and hormones.
Milk Thistle has long been known to aid the liver in its healing process and boost its detoxifying function. (SEE: Milk Thistle for Drug and Erection Rejuvenation) Heck, professional athletes and body builders even take it in order to mitigate the toxic effects of steroids.
Milk Thistle is a powerful and effective herb which has numerous beneficial properties, health-wise, including:
  • Cleansing your blood cells
  • Flushing out poisonous elements which interfere with proper erections
  • Help to rebuild and repair your liver on a cellular level
  • Eliminate toxic build-ups and re-balance hormonal levels
So reach for Milk Thistle, and flush those poisons out of your body for good! Your penis will thank you in the long run.

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Milk Thistle: The Detoxifier

A man requires a gamut of intricate, well-timed chemical reactions to gain and maintain an erection. Read more
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