Where There’s Smoking There’s Fire

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Let’s check out this interesting case study involving a gentleman who has been partaking of the cannabis and is now the worse for wear because of it. Learn about the risks involved in blazing out and what you can do to reverse the resultant side-effects.

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Eight years ago I smoked marijuana and my testicles rose up and penis went completely numb, white, no blood flow. This happened for months afterword, no one has ever figured anything out. And now years later I have had a bulging vein on top of my penis, numbness, difficulty urinating, and due to testicular pain. I also had nerves removed that go by my testes but does not look like that will help with testes pain and definitely not help with shrunken, numb, penis that feels like a rubber band is around the base, lots of pressure, hurts like hell. No pain meds work or anything else, I don't know what to do?
Testicular pain and penile pain for 8 years, now vein on top of penis bulging out, penis feels like it has a rubber band at base, has shrunk, numbness, lots of pain with inflammation in both testes, mostly left one. Help?


Okay, so it’s been a hard day and you need to chill out and unwind; you pull out a joint, pipe, or bong, and light it up. After a few tokes things don’t seem as bad at work anymore. Your boss yelling at your in front of everyone…well that really wasn’t that major…just forget about it (as you take another puff).
Clouds of Poison
Yes, there is a general perception in today’s society that marijuana helps to relax and mellow people out. It also is believed to help push your problems to the side and instead have you thinking about more fun stuff. Unfortunately, those issues that have been temporarily forgotten are still there when one comes out of their cloudy haze. In addition to that, things may take a turn for the worse since weed disrupts people’s brain chemistry. In your case you’ve also caused severe damage to your nervous system.
Abusing marijuana in addition to over masturbating has crippled your nerves, releasing too much prostaglandin E-2 and inflaming your penis, testes, prostrate, and entire pelvic cavity. You’ve also severely damaged your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and testicular axis resulting in penile as well as testicular shrinkage.

Another side-effect is that you’ve developed a parasympathetic/ serotonin nervous system control disorder which affects your bladder, prostate, and urethra, causing urinary dysfunctions. It would be a surprise to me if you can even control your ejaculations at this point as well. If all of this weren’t enough, your testicular surgery was akin to your testes being carpet bombed by a fleet of B-52 bombers, causing additional secondary damage to them as if there wasn’t enough to worry about already.
So what are you to do in order to reverse these problems?
Bomb Shelter
First of all, don’t panic. That will only cause your already unbalanced hormonal levels to deteriorate further. If you haven’t stopped smoking marijuana this is a wake-up call to completely stop. Laying off masturbation for a while, at least until your symptoms clear up, will stand you in good stead as well.
You may also be interested in taking a natural herbal formula to help accelerate your recovery process. (TRY: Marijuana Detoxification for Erectile Problems) They can not only help to stabilize your out-of-whack hormonal levels, but also lower the inflammatory Prostaglandin E2 in your body, and put a stop to the pain and inflammation you’re suffering from. These powerful botanical remedies can also boost your liver function and purge your system of the toxic delta 9-tetrahydrocannabino that you’ve been poisoning yourself with through marijuana abuse. Another benefit is an influx of acetylcholine, HGH, nitric oxide, and other growth factors that will stimulate erection growth and get you back to those firm erections again.
Through usage of these healing herbs you can emerge from that smoky bomb shelter a new man!

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