When Your Stick is Stuck in Second Gear – Reversing Penis Curvature

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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men's Peyronie's Disease Causes: penis exercise Age: 18 - 35

Peyronie's Disease (unnatural curvature of the penis) effects millions of guys, but not many understand it. Learn what it is, and find out how you can treat it easily and naturally.

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I tried jelqing exercises at one point in my life and it wasn't a good outcome, I ended up with Peyronie's disease instead of a bigger penis. I am really sure that the reason behind my condition was the exercises I was doing. Now my penis bends to the right and I have trouble getting firm erections compared to how I used to. Is there anything I can do to help my condition?


Peyronie's Disease. The name is a bit melodramatic (it's more of a condition than a disease), but ask any guy who lives with it, and he'll tell you how miserable it can be. The curvature is extremely noticeable, and unless she's a very competitive gymnast, your girlfriend probably does not wish to tilt her body 45 degrees to the left every time you have sex. So the first question is, how did it happen? The second—and most important—question is, how do we fix it?
The Cause is Fairly Obvious
When it comes to the cause, you already hit the nail right on the curved head. Jelqing. The name alone sounds like a nefarious Star Wars villain, and it certainly has all the characteristics of a classic literary bad guy. It draws you in, seduces you with its promises, and ultimately leaves you broken and bitter.
Jelqing has shown some limited promise in moderation, but when you constantly and aggressively stretch your penis in unnatural ways, you cause the blood vessels to rupture and the tissue to tear. And what happens with torn tissue? It's replaced with scar tissue, or plaque. As a result, the natural flow of blood is redirected, like a rainy day flood that crashes against sandbags and finds a new direction to travel. In fact, you might say that your penis has been sandbagged pretty severely.
The Solution is Less Apparent
Obviously we have a problem here. Sure, Peyronie's Disease won't put your in an early grave or limit your ability to eat gluten, but your erect penis should look like a tower, not an odometer. So of course we want to find a solution that's simple, practical and effective. Since it seems your condition has plagued you for many years, it's safe to assume that considerable damage has already been done.
As a result, I'm going to recommend an herbal solution to help with tissue restoration. (SEE: Penile Injury & Trauma Relief Formula) Herbs like Eurycoma Longifolia, Cistanche and Sarsasparilla Jamaican help to restore damaged tissues and nerves, while Schisanda, Maca and Alisma break down plaque buildup and improve penile blood circulation.
Additional Benefits
Since you have already opened the Pandora's Box of jelqing, I can safely assume that you are—or at least were—dissatisfied with the size of your penis. The great thing about these herbal remedies is that they also contain ingredients like Curculigo and Mucuna Pruriens, which promote increased size by increasing the production of key hormones like DHEA and HGH. It's not too often that you can cure a disease and increase your penis size at the same time – otherwise hospitals would be much happier places.

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