When Your Partner is Sexless

She says she has never had any sexual feelings and erotic touching is either neutral or irritating to her... no one can figure why she has no sexual desire, sensitivity, or response.

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My wife and I have been married for almost 18 years but it’s almost sad. We love each other, but our sex life never really got off the ground. She seems to be very cold sexually. Not only have I not been able to give her an orgasm, I have not even been able to arouse her. Not ever. We spent lots money and time going through various therapy sessions and tried seemingly everything.
A few years ago, my wife admitted that she has never had any sexual feelings and is neutral or irritated by the idea of touching herself. She does not want to hurt my feelings, so she never told me this. Doctors cannot find anything wrong and seem to keep insisting that she must have been sexually abused when she was little! They’re all sick! Still, her coldness has really stressed me out. At times I feel like I am having sex with a lifeless body.  I just can’t figure out why she has no sexual desire, sensitivity, or response.


That’s too bad. But the two of you are not alone. Many women suffer from similarly frigid symptoms. The problem occurs in the brain's nervous & endocrine functions. It’s most likely that your wife’s brain does not support the release of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase to burn testosterone to trigger sexual responses and arousal.
This burning of testosterone produces dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to stimulate the expansion of the local tissue, and generates bioelectric energy to charge the sexual nerves (sensory, parasympathetic and sympathetic) in the sexual responses.
Usually at the beginning of normal sexual response, DHT can heat up a woman’s vagina and uterine to trigger the release of lubricating fluids. The elevation of bioelectricity in the sexual nerves will promote her Central Nervous System to respond to touching, kissing, visual, auditory, and mind stimulations - the sexual feelings. Then the stimulation of the G-spot or any sexual sensual area relays a signal to the pituitary for production of the orgasmic hormone, such as oxytocin, which initiates the contraction of the uterus and vaginal muscle preparing for an orgasm. None of them are happening, therefore the problem most likely happened at the first initiation of sexual responses: the burning of testosterone.
Therefore, the solution for your wife may be to simply enhance her brain-adrenal function to elevate her 5-alpha reductase and testosterone levels, which can be achieved by taking Passion Kindle Formula for Orgasm Dysfunction formula.

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Passion Kindle Formula for Orgasm Dysfunction

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