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When Wringing Your Dong for Too Long Goes Wrong

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Penis Pain & Injury Symptoms: penis numbness Age: 18 - 35

Here we have a gentleman who has been whacking his wizard like crazy and he now has a weathered wiener with hardly any sensation. How can he reverse this problem?

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I have a lack of penile insensitivity, at least that what I think my problem is. I am 26 years of age, circumcised and I am having a really hard time orgasming when having sex with my girlfriend. It is possible to have an orgasm but it is really difficult to get there. We usually have sex one day and there will be no orgasm and then have sex again the following night and that will have me produce an orgasm. I don't have a lack of attraction or even boredom from having sex with my girlfriend. We have tried all sorts of crazy things to get me to orgasm, even anal sex which we both consider a turn off.
I was wondering if this is possibly a lack of sensitivity on my penis due to the amount of masturbation that I would do. There were days where I would masturbate up to 3 times a day and they weren't short sessions. When masturbating I would do a little bit of squeezing and tugging motions to get aroused. It would cause my penis to become sort of raw but that was nothing a little lube couldn't fix. I think this is something that has led me to the sensitivity issues that I am dealing with now. Is there any way to reverse this or get some sensitivity back in my penis?


You’re splayed out on your chair, clicking through the different pornography channels that you have saved to your computer’s favorites menu. Numerous lube jars and bottles flank your monitor and you apply some to your member in order to facilitate your fourth masturbatory session of the day.
Your eyes glaze over as you settle on a couple of videos featuring one of the “performers” aka porn skanks, that you’ve seen before; she features large boobs and a thin waist. You can’t remember her name and don’t really care, you’ve become as desensitized about names as has your penis to stimulation. First, as you jacked-off more, you began to feel less and less penile sensation. As you progressed to chronic masturbation which included multiple sessions per day, your de-sensitivity became such an issue that it became hard to orgasm during sexual intercourse, and even shooting a load at the end of a whack-off session now required generous dollops of lube.
Dead Dong
Sound familiar? If it does then you’re probably experiencing Penis Numbness. Circumcised men are especially at risk because their penises don’t have the protective layer of the foreskin; without it the penile nerve endings are more exposed to the elements, everyday rubbing against the interior of your clothes, and everyday products such as soaps and detergents.
Rough hand-play, or just masturbating too much without giving your body a chance to rest and mend itself, can lead to damaging your vulnerable nerve endings. This can lead to having what feels like a penis which feels like it could belong to a member of the walking dead. So how do you re-sensitize your little guy down there?
Healing From Within
Try gradually reducing your masturbation sessions to three to four times (max) per week. Since your body has been ravaged by all of the self-abuse you’ve inflicted upon it, resting it more will give it time to start to repair itself.
Want to turbo boost your recovery process? Consider taking a potent botanical healing formula. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Penile Sensitivity Restoration) These can help to repair damaged penile vascular tissues as well as improving the elasticity of penile veins. And while more blood is being pumped into your penis along with GABA, HGH, and testosterone, these all-natural mixtures can gradually dissolve the formation of scar tissue which greatly inhibits penile sensitivity.
Since these formulas are completely natural (unlike pharmaceutical medications) the only side-effect that you’ll be facing will be a super-pleased sex-partner, and a return to your former days of masturbatory glory, as well as experiencing more pleasure. So go for it!

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